JR Comments On Chris Jericho's Return, Working With Paul Heyman, His Future On WWE TV, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are highlights:

What do I expect from Chris Jericho live on Raw this Monday night? I have no way of knowing but w/o saying a word he made an impact and created ample discussion last week in Memphis. What if Jericho decided to disrespect the live audience and the TV viewers again by NOT addressing them again this week? Would there be outrage, disgust or smiles? Have I ever experienced a wrestling promo that had significant impact where essentially nothing was said? Yes...Undertaker and HHH last year in their initial build to Wrestlemania. That was one of the most memorable segments of Raw TV in years. 

Why did the broadcast team of JR and Paul Heyman work so well considering it seemed that the two of you did not like each other?  @HeymanHustle and myself came from extremely diverse backgrounds but had many of the same philosophical concepts as it relates to the genre. At times during broadcasts, I did get legit angry with Paul and I'm sure that he did with me. However, our job was to further storylines, explain the reasons for the bouts, embellish the talents no matter if they were heroes or villains, and to add drama, humor, and unpredictability to the TV presentation. Egocentrically, I'd like to think that more often than not that we succeeded. Some of our work together in WCW was particularly volatile which added to a few otherwise lackluster bouts at times.

I answered a tweet last week asking if I was ever going to return to weekly, WWE TV. My answer was honest based on what I know at this time and that answer was "not likely." That certainly doesn't mean that I couldn't return for an occasional broadcast or perhaps even a PPV here and there. Again, that's not MY call.  Storyline wise, I've been 'fired' so that matter would obviously have to be addressed to facilitate a logical return. Health wise I'm good to go and for that I'm thankful.

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  • Bertie

    We need JR back and commentate on wrestling moves not the rubbish that cole calls!!! By just saying “vintage” sucks!!! If cole commentated on attitude era it would have been no where near as good! JR helped that era as much as the superstars! Cole makes me wanna press mute he is awful! Voice of wwe? Please remove voice box!!!!!

  • TruHeel

    Cole was actually announcing during the attitude era

    • Zach

      True, but he was limited more to doing interviews and backstage segmebts, and it was well before he was a heel, or an annoying, over-the-top commentating.

      • Zach

        *segments. Sorry.

        • Matt Scott

          He did call RAW while JR was off with bells palsy. And heat with Kevin Kelly.

  • TruHeel

    He was calling PPVs and Raw