JR Comments On Undertaker/Wrestlemania, Format For The WWE Hall Of Fame, JBL Underrated

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Jim Ross has a new blog on his official website at this link. Below is an excerpt:

Will the Undertaker wrestle at WM29? I honestly and truly have no idea. However, I don't believe all that I read online from those who are speculating multiple tales regarding the subject.

Do I think that the Undertaker is done? No. Absolutely not.

Would Bruno Sammartino have made it in today's wrestling business? Absolutely. Bruno had 'it.' 'It' cannot be taught or feigned. Bruno knew how to connect with the paying customers. He was believeable. Just because Bruno never did a hurricanrana or a tope doesn't mean he would not have done well. It's all about talent and television and how the talents are perceived on TV. That means it takes a partnership between the two entities with the talent being the key component.

Who goes into the WWE HOF? I find out when other fans do. I like it that way. Are there wrestlers who deserve to be inducted that aren't? Of course. Randy Savage comes to mind but I'm of the belief that every thing will work out as it should at the end of the day. No one can do any thing about the past or the 'much overdue' debates.

How would I format the 2013 WWE HOF? I'd open with @RealMickFoley and close with Bruno. I opened in 2007 with @steveaustinBSR and it worked for the live audience and the TV show. Or so I think.

Do I think that JBL gets the credit he deserves for his long, title run? No. @JCLayfield reinvented himself multiple times after we hired him and each time he got better. He's a smart Texan who likely overachieved, as he and I both did in marriage, in the eyes of his peers. John was an excellent athlete who did not want to be average. He was a competitor who wanted the spotlight and was willing to put in the work to get it. If that meant pushing someone aside, so be it. I applaud that mindset and am proud of John's certain, HOF career. He's also a breath of fresh air on WWE TV and brings a high IQ to the broadcast table in his antagonist role.

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  • Michael

    I wouldn’t go that far about Jbl. I never really brought into to him as champion. Almost all of his wins were with help. I always say you can tell the importance of a wrestler by how many reigns they’ve had. Not a guy like Eddie who was on the verge of another title reign but sadly passed away. Guys like Jbl, Miz, and others only had one reign their reigns were long but nobody really talks about all they remember is both men lost to Cena.

    • Snap

      I disagree that the quantity of reigns indicates the importance of a wrestler. For one, Bruno Sammartino had two lengthy title runs and despite Cena having 10 runs with the title, ranging from two lengthy (by modern standards) and many short runs, that doesn’t mean Bruno is any less important than Cena or that Cena is any more important than Bruno was.

      Furthermore, you can’t really judge the title runs of JBL, The Miz or CM Punk like you would for Cena, because playing a face or heel as champion are two different things. One of the primary reasons why people don’t really think about their runs with the title is because WWE is constantly putting the focus on Cena or Cena ultimately buries them.

      I think Eddie Guerrero had “it” more than anybody else on the roster, aside from Undertaker and a substantial run with the title would have been spectacular. But when you really think about it, Eddie was so good he didn’t need the title to get over with the audience. That quality is more important than any championship gold.

      • Michael

        What are you talking about you didn’t understand what I said at all. I didn’t count Eddie with what I was saying I said I wasn’t talking about Eddie because he had a great reign and was going to win the world title the night that he died. Punk has had multiple reigns which everybody remembers. You said that Bruno had two reigns that were for years. Nobody talks about Jbl or the Miz reigns nether of them won a match on there on and the big wrestlemania match that the Miz won was because of Rock. You go back in history and name me one wrestler that has only jerks the title once that is talked about or that you would put in a list as one of the greatest champions of all time.

        • Snap

          I was responding to your comment of ” I always say you can tell the importance of a wrestler by how many reigns they’ve had.” which is one I strongly disagree with. You also cannot compare a heel champion with a face champion or, really, anybody based solely on how they hold onto the belt.

          JBL’s reign is significant for having won it off of Eddie and he was a champion you just wanted to see lose the belt. I honestly don’t think Cena would have got as big of a reaction when he won it at WrestleMania 21 had it not been against such a hated champion as JBL. He played his part well and it put Cena over in a big way. If people were expecting JBL to be an HBK-like champion, they were seriously deluding themselves.

          Cena may have had ten runs with the WWE championship, but does anyone really remember much about any of them except for his first one or the 380 day title run which ended because of injury? All I can really recall from some of the others is him dropping the title to RVD and Sheamus.

          Take someone like Hulk Hogan, who similarly had two long runs with the title and several smaller ones, they’re more memorable even though the last one was more than a decade ago. His first reign ended in the “evil ref” screwjob orchestrated by the Million Dollar Man, his second was off the heels of the explosive breakup of the Mega Powers before dropping it to the Warrior. He beat Sgt. Slaughter (during his Iraqi sympathizer gimmick) for his third run before falling to Undertaker with interference from Ric Flair. His fourth “run” lead to the only Royal Rumble to have the championship as the prize, which saw Ric Flair become champion. There wasn’t much to his fifth reign, where he won it from Yokozuna literally moments after Yoko won it, then dropping it back to Yoko a couple months later. His final reign also had the distinction of being the final “WWF champion” and the first “WWE champion” and, once again, dropped it to Taker.

          The top championship shouldn’t be passed around like a hot potato like the WCW championship was in its final years. But guys like Cena and CM Punk are important to WWE regardless of whether or not they hold the belt or how many times.

          Kevin Nash also held the championship for a single time, notably beating Bob Backlund in eight or nine seconds and becoming the first to complete the Triple Crown within a calendar year. He was also the longest reigning champion since Hogan until Cena surpassed him.

          I’ll always take quality over quantity.

          • Michael

            Blah blah blah you always have a to respond to me I must really get to you lol. Jbl as champ sucked the match with Cena at mania was fast. Jbl didn’t make me watch smackdown because I wanted him to win I watched for the Eddie/Angle feud. And as for Cena reigns me a true wrestling fan remember the matches he’s had Cena/Edge classics, Cena/Michaels classics, Cena/Hhh good matches, Cena/Jericho classics Cena/Christian was a solid match. Cena/Christian/Jericho triple threat awesome, Cena/Michaels/Hhh awesome. Talk what you know not everybody else. Jbl just wasn’t that exciting as champion and it had nothing to do with him being a heel. Punk is a heel and a great champion, Michaels was a heel and a great champion, Hunter the same, Taker the same, Angle the same, Rock, Austin, Kane, Hollywood Hogan, Nash, and the list goes on and on of guys that were great champions as heel. Jbl just sucked period end of story I don’t care who you bring up to compare him to he sucked you even mentioning his name with the likes of Hogan or Michaels or anybody you named is disrespectful to those legends. Those reigns you mentioned you act as if Hogan didn’t hold another world title until he came back both he and Nash held the wcw title multiple times I don’t need a history lesson I am wrestling I know how he won and lost every title. Jbl just isn’t in anybodies league bar none he will never be called one of the greatest nobody ever even mentions his reign when they talk about great reigns dude.

        • Jimmy

          Jeff Hardy

          • Michael

            What are you talking about do you even know the history of the titles. Jeff Hardy had one wwe title reign and two world title reigns and he’s now a two time tna champion that makes Hardy a five time champion. Huss first wwe title reign lasted a month he lost the title to Edge thinks to Matt. His second heavyweight title reign and first world title reign he defeated Edge at extreme rules in my home town of new orleans only to have Punk come out and cash in his second brief case. He then regained the world title by beating Punk only to lose it to Punk in a rematch at summerslam in a tlc match. He won the tna title from Rvd after turning heel. He lost that to Sting. He regained the tna title from Aries and is the current champion so where did he only hold the title once. Check your facts before you respond to the wrestling knowledge king Jimmy.

          • Jimmy

            Lol you did exactly what i wanted you to do. I knew if i trolled you and said a name that has been a multiple time champ you would have a big sook about it. Your only on this site to look for arguments.

          • Michael

            Lmao such a mark why do b¡+*ha$$ marks lie. You didn’t know that Hardy was a multiple champion and since I proved how dumb and stupid you are you decided to save face by coming back with that dumb response. For one I want even on this subject anymore do therefore I wasn’t trolling when you make a comment you ass they email you. Had you never responded I would’ve never received the email you lame.