JR Discusses Calling Rock/Cena, One More Match For Stone Cold Or Brock Lesnar, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

While I appreciate everyone's support of my work at ringside, it's shocking to think that many folks believe that I can just walk back to ringside and resume my old role as simply as that. My role/style as a broadcaster changed many times throughout my career starting in the 70's through the 2000's. The product changed so my presentation had to change as well. The days of broadcasters doing a hold by hold version of play by play is seemingly out of touch in today's marketplace. I'm not saying that I will never be back at a broadcast table but it isn't something for which I am counting down the days. This isn't a complaint by the way and being able to do other things to contribute to WWE's on going success is rewarding to me at this stage of the game. I had my day at ringside and now it's time to do other projects that positively affect the brand.

With that said, I'd by lying if I said I wouldn't enjoy going old school commentary on the @TheRock vs. @JohnCena bout at WM28 especially considering that we signed both stars on my watch. It's like an old coach watching two of his 'recruits' headline the Super Bowl.

I casually mentioned on Twitter about a possible Steve Austin one more match scenario. I did this to answer a question and as a follow up to what Steve himself said in a recent interview. It would have to be the right guy at the right place and right time according to the Texas Rattlesnake. My suggestion was that the right time 'might' be at Wrestlemania in 2013. Nonetheless nothing is guaranteed and the decision is up to Steve and not any one else. However, doing it anywhere but Wrestlemania doesn't make sense to me.

Also, speaking of the former WWE Champion, IF Brock ever returns to WWE it will be for one, big mega event ala a Wrestlemania. Lesnar will NEVER go back on the road on any thing that even remotely resembles a part time schedule.

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  • ayat

    stone cold vs brock lesnar at WM 28 main event would be great
    imagine brock lesnar vs stone cold at 30th anniversary of WrestleMania tht would be ultra great

    • Alex

      That would be awesome. Especially considering off all the big names Brock got to go through that he hadn't been through Austin yet. Though I doubt that will happen while Lesnar is under contract with the UFC.

    • lukey

      It wouldn’t benefit anyone but some fans, wwe wouldn’t make a main event that both participants are going to leave after the show and not wrestle again. Makes no sense

  • Alex

    Cole would tarnish Rock/Cena match. It needs to be JR all the way.

  • ABNo4

    For a match as big as Rock vs Cena, they absolutely need to have JR on commentary and Cole nowhere in sight. Such a match is not an occasion to promote Cole's heel character and WWE programming's continued transition into The Michael Cole Show.

  • Bolts323

    I believe John Cena will be heel soon before WM28 therefore Michael Cole will be a perfect broadcaster alongside The King. Remember both King and Jr. are both aged and WWE just wouldn’t be the same without Cole. He is without a doubt the future face of the announcers WWE has. If anything WWE is using him wrong by not having Lawler as the heel broadcaster he was to Jr’s face persona. WWE must use Cole in WM28 to have him call classic bouts for years to come. That’s simply my opinion. Remember Cole was always the Face to Taz’s heel persona in Smackdown in the “Attitude Era”.

  • Austin versus Lesner real street fight @Wrestlemania 30