JR Discusses CM Punk, John Cena Turning Heel, Daniel Bryan As A Main Eventer, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-@CMPunk is WWE's hottest performer at the moment and connects better than anyone I've seen in a while with the fans. I've seen average in ring talents that were able to connect with the paying customers earn big money and Punk is no average, in ring talent.

-Not sure what most people think that a wrestling villain is supposed to be but for me it's a guy fans loudly boo and buy tickets and PPVs to see said individual get beat up and to lose.  So when we get endless emails here or Tweets @JRsBBQ regarding John Cena changing his persona to be a "full fledged bad guy" I become disconnected. There is a large part of the beloved WWE Universe who enjoys booing Cena and like to see John in less than positive situations. So, what would said change be exactly? Cena would get the little kids and the women to boo him? Come on, and forgo all that merchandise that he sells? That makes zero sense to me. Cena's in ring, TV persona is somewhat reminiscent of Bret Hart's TV persona during a point in time of his WWE run. The Cena 'turning into a full fledged villain role' as some fans constantly encourage seems over thought in my opinion.

-After Daniel Bryan's performance on the live, Smackdown I hope that WWE decision makers see that Bryan is a player and that fans will buy him in a main event level role. He may not pass some folk's 'eye test' but Bryan has just a little bit of 'it.'

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  • RyderNation

    🙁 I'm guessing we will never see the Cena heel turn it seems like everyone who works in WWE including JR thinks his merchandise sales will drop which I highly doubt that look at some of the heels in the past example being the nWo there were heels but they sold merch though

    • Alex

      I agree with you, however, the NWO's fans weren't kids. It's not like during the attitude era, heel merchandise doesn't sell as well at face merchandise.

  • Juice Bronson

    JR's BBQ sauce.

  • James

    Seeing the response cena gets. i wouldn't be surprised if after a heel turn the guys starts to pop for him while the kid's and women boo him.

  • James

    if merchandise is the only problem. Why not make anti cena merchandise. I bet it'll give them the same money.

  • Nick

    I hate you John Cena. I hate you.

  • Immy

    Glad to see someone like JR sees what many of us fans have seen for years in Bryan.

  • Frank

    After 52 years as a WRESTLING FAN not a panty waisted entertainer guy, John Cena set a positive role model for kids. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a mental health therapist and I have watched gang theme on WWF/WWE and WCW NWO crap. This sends messages that it is ok to gang bang, bully,ambush. someone. Now with WWE ranting about Be A Star not a bully? We see it every show with Mark Henry, Miz, Nash, and Del Rio. Cena at least is straight up and a champion even without a belt. Bite on That !!!!

  • Victor

    Cena sucks hes such a boyscout like the best in the world Cm Punk said ha Cena SUCKS!!!

  • Kevin

    I, like JR, see absolutely no reason to push Cena as a full fledged heel. He's perfect where he is. He doesn't care if he gets boos or chants; as long as there are butts in the seats, he's happy. And that's what we need more of.

    • Ryan.P

      and why turn cena heel anyways? so when vince does decide to turn cena heel the iwc can then find a new way to moan and complain about how vince mcmahon did not "do it right?" and "he should've done better with cena's character" just saying.

  • Danno

    I like Cena. I know I'm in the minority here but this is America, I am happy that Vince is behind him as well. Thanks JR for your insight.

  • JR Texx

    I'm don't care if Cena stays a baby or turns heel, he just needs something, its boring with his current gimmick

  • Tyler Pollitt

    I have heard this new argument countless times "if they turn Cena heel all that will happen is the men will cheer him and the women and children will boo him, it will just be the opposite, plus they will lose merch!" This is a STUPID argument!! Tell me, why do we all want Cena to turn heel anyway? We don't want him to turn so the whole audience will boo him or for the whole audience will cheer him, I, personally could care a less about that!! We want him to turn heel so there will be something different, a change, not the same old same old! That argument pisses me off, it makes no sense JR, with all do respect b/c you are my fav announcer of all time. Plus, heels can still sell merch, examples, NWO and D Generation X!


    what we want is to see the chain gang cena the one who rapped and entertain all of us. this rise above the hate cena sucks ass!