JR Discusses His "Succinct Assignment" On Raw 1000, Responds To Mick Foley Naming Him As A Top Choice To Induct Him Into The WWE HOF, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-Too many Twitter followers @JRsBBQ had issues with my succinct assignment on Monday night but I had none. Some apparently don't know what it means to be a team guy and do what is asked. In football vernacular, I got a uniform and ran the plays that were called and was pleased to do so. It's an easy mindset to maintain but many in this generation would rather do what is convenient for them or do what they perceive is more individually enhancing. 

-One is either a team player or they aren't. Simple. End of story. I preached it when I was EVP of talent relations and I still believe in that philosophy today. 

-The reality of the matter is this...it is highly unlikely, thanks Gorilla, that exact collection of performers will EVER be under the same roof again. I look back upon my attendance at RAW1000 as a privilege and am grateful to have had the opportunity to see so many old friends that have meant a great deal to me over my long career. 

-I'd equate complaining about the amount of air time one received on a three hour, loaded show with the same illogical and selfish reasoning some have when they have major issues regarding their individual win/loss records within the genre. This just in...sports entertainment isn't the Olympics.

-@RealMickFoley when asked who would induct him if/when Mick goes into the WWE HOF mentioned Terry Funk and yours truly. While I would love to honor Mick on that special occasion, there is no way that I would ever put myself in the same category with Terry Funk. Terry mentored Mick and treated Mick like a son. While I'd love to induct Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy into the WWE HOF, I think that Terry Funk is the best choice. However, I stand ready if called upon.

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  • AnacondaVise

    There is no other non wrestler in the world I would rather sit down and talk wrestling with than JR.

  • RobUK

    Good old JR. He is a fantastic team player. Too good sometimes but I respect him so much more for it. Was great to hear him on Raw1000 no matter what segment he was in.

    • Anand

      Well Said. Though I would've loved to hear JR on commentary for the world title match. Imagine how good he would've been when Punk turned heel and clotheslined the Rock? WWE missed a golden opportunity. He would have been a million times better than Cole or King…

      Anyways, all said and done, it was nice to hear the voice of the WWE once on the 1000th episode.. We all miss you JR…

  • Austin

    Whenever JR’s at the table, he makes everyone look a thousand times better than Cole could.

  • Kevin

    I, too, was hoping because JR made such an early appearance that he would stay for the entire show. However, I was glad just to hear him, if even for just one match. JR is right; he has passed the torch to Michael Cole, and Cole should now run with it. JR was great in his time, and there will never – and I mean NEVER – be another JR. But his time has come and gone. Being a company man is what has allowed JR to stay on at the WWE for so many years. Some of the talent could learn a lot from JR.

    • Randy

      JR could still be there. I mean Lawler is still there all the time and hes been there just as long as JR. It’s because VKM didn’t like the southern feel of the show anymore that JR and Lawler gave it. And another reason is JR had a stroke about 2 or 3 years ago and VKM is afraid to use him. But still… I think JR could still do it. If VKM wanted him to

  • Bryan

    While I understand the complaints from the IWC on JR not being on the air for as long as any of us would have liked, this response only makes me respect JR even more. The man is truly a class act through and through. And with the amount of crap that Vince gives him, for him to return after all the abuse shows exactly why he is and always will be a legend in the business.