JR Discusses Natalya's Flatulence Gimmick, Who The Best WWE Diva Is, Concerns Over HHH/Undertaker's WrestleMania Match, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-Thoughts on Natalya's flatulence, TV persona? Likely not something that I would have thought of but I can't recall any time that Ms Neidhart has been in more discussions or the subject of more questions that she is now. Hopefully, this new found notoriety will lead to bigger and better things for her. She has lots of talent.

-Who's the best WWE Diva? Assuming this is referring to wresting and if so I'd suggest that would be Beth Phoenix. Like many fans, I'd love to see Beth face @Kharma but I have no idea if that will be at WM28 and could be saved for after April 1 when it would possibly get more focus. Obviously, the talents would love for it to be as a part of WrestleMania and I can't blame them for that.

-Concerned that Taker vs. HHH is their 3rd Wrestlemania bout? Heck, no. Their history is a vital part of the fabric of WWE, their first match was 11 years ago, and the way the match ended last year with Undertaker being carted out of 'his event' adds to the drama. These two, great professionals will make it a daunting task for any one to follow them assuming that they don't go on last which would surprise me. The mere fact that it is quite likely that HHH vs. Taker will NEVER happen again is enough for this fan to want to see WM28.

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  • How they gonna HAV a HIAC match in an Koenig arena

    • Razmos01

      They are going to magically make it appear out of no where, maybe Harry Potter has been signed to a contract with WWE just to get the Cell to appear at Mania, maybe they had this all planned out before they made the match official by having something suspend it above the ring, all are quite likely but if i went with my gut feeling id go with the Harry Potter angle on this one!!

      • MonstaHeel 450


    • Dangerous Lee

      How epic would it be if a helicopter flew in and lowered the cell?!?!?

      • Bigbdawg


      • gman620

        Agreed, that would be so cool!

  • Thank god he didn't say Kelly Kelly

    • First of all Mir is overrating leismhf..Lesnar won’t take down Overeem as easy as he took down Mir. Second Overeem’s knee strikes are the best when his opponent has his head on chest height. So Lesnar will only make it easier for him to bash his face in with devastating knee strikes.