JR Discusses Oklahoma Banning Pro Wrestling, No Physicality Between John Cena & The Rock, Broadcasting In FCW With William Regal, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-Oklahoma was in the news this past week essentially banning 'combat sports' such as MMA and professional boxing from promoting in the state of Oklahoma and the politicos even included 'Pro Wrestling' in their misguided list of Combat Sports. If WWE is a Combat Sport, I assume the Oklahoma politicians also think that the Ice Capades and the Harlem Globetrotters are as well. Hopefully this ill advised decision can have a happy ending and I feel that it can once all involved parties, specifically the Oklahoma government, can take a closer look at their decision and how it can potentially take Oklahoma out of the game and cost the state significant revenues on many fronts including promotions such as WWE potentially not touring my home state.

-As a result of @TheRock personal barrage on @JohnCena, Cena has become much more edgy which I have enjoyed. Both Cena and Rock are from the competitive and physical world of college football and I think those deep roots will manifest itself into a physically demanding main event at WM28. I hope that WWE saves all the physical interaction between the two stars until April 1 and, to my way of thinking, I can't see why WWE would risk putting either man at a physical risk prior to what is expected to be the highest grossing WrestleMania event of all time. Just one man's take.

-"How was it broadcasting with @RealKingRegal in FCW?" As I mentioned, I had a blast. He's a true professional and is as good as any one currently on WWE programming. The Englishman is a great story teller plus he entertainingly can breakdown any bout from a strategy standpoint. Very dry wit and a wealth of in ring knowledge. Regal is a valuable asset for WWE. 

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  • Logan_Walker

    So Let me get this straight

    No Wrestling (WWE/TNA./ROH/ Other Indys)
    No MMA
    No Boxing

    in Oklahoma ? there going to lose out in loads of money thats all im going to say

    and what happens if one of the above have already book a arena ?

  • Jason

    So what is going to happen with regards to the already booked dates for WWE on October 1st for Raw and 2nd for Smackdown?

  • Jim

    Wow. Oklahoma’s government “ain’t” to bright if they think wrestling is a “combat sport” like MMA. All those hotels and other businesses aren’t going to be happy about losing the revenue hosting Raw or Smackdown brings in. That’s not even including hosting a Wrestlemanis. Which I’m sure they just shot themselves in the foot about because they won’t ever host one now. Vince holds grudges and this is a good reason to have one.

  • Dave

    Oklahoma would never get Mania anyway.

  • Tha Burden

    Football is a contact sport too does that mean they are banning that as well?

    • WNW Fan

      Good point. I never thought about that one. Football is more contact than wrestling in most cases.

  • Christina

    Well they should ban college football because it's a lot more contact than wrestling. I've already purchased tickets for the raw show on the 1st. I'm going to have 3 very upset kiddos if the show is cancelled. The lawmakers in Oklahoma have tried to pass a lot of stupid laws and I hope that this is one that doesn't go though!