JR Discusses Raw's Three-Hour Format, CM Punk's Next Pipe Bomb, Daniel Bryan's Improved Persona, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-The three hour Raws are going to be daunting animals with which to deal. An impossible mountain to climb? Absolutely not even thought some 'experts' already have those thoughts. I'm not in that group and feel that the three hour Monday Night Raw broadcasts provide the potential to get more talents exposure, to rebuild the tag team scene, to provide Divas with more match time and to slow down the storytelling process so that we fans have the time to process the information that we hear and see. 

-So, unlike some, I'd prefer to give the new format a chance to succeed rather than behead it after two weeks which seems knee jerk and senseless. Any thing 'new' generally needs tweaking and this particular situation isn't any different. That's not an indictment but merely a statement of fact.

-Some fans demanding @CMPunk to have another pipebomb promo will likely get one down the road but Cincy wasn't the time nor the place. I thought Punk had a great night on air and his verbal jousting with @Jerry Lawler entertained me.

-Regarding the WWE Title, Punk told many truths which might not sit well with some. I am an old school believer that nothing in WWE is more important than the WWE Title. Some personal issues are on the same level often times but nothing should be MORE important than the WWE's premier championship. That's my two cents on that matter.

-Does Daniel Bryan ever have a bad night? Bad match? Bad promo? He certainly hasn't that I can recall. WWE is lucky to have Bryan on their roster and the two entities have formed an amazing fit when, in the early part of Bryan's WWE tenure, I'm sure that some thought the relationship wouldn't last. Now Daniel Bryan is one of WWE's most valuable assets. He's a dream for management to have on their roster. No one that I can recall in recent years has improved their verbal skills and overall on air persona as Daniel Bryan.

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  • Logan_Walker

    Over the two weeks / 2 episodes from the new 3 Hour format there has not been any diva's matches why is that they were having 1 – 3 min matches the only "Diva's match" was when there was the Lita Vs. Slater two Weeks ago and i would not even call that a divas match

    • n1ck

      a lot of the matches on raw had decent time, please refrain from revisionist history

      • Phill

        that's not revisionist history. their have been NO diva's matches on either 3 hour show. The only additions I can see to the extended show is repeated playbacks and "tout"

        • Logan_Walker

          yeh what are you on about @N1ck & @Phill there has been no divas matches over the last 2 weeks – since the 1000th RAW Episode, the repeated playbacks should be scaled back & the touts are okay they did invest what 5 Million

    • Bill Clinton

      I agree. We need more Diva matches 😉

      • Patrick Peralta

        I worry about Sara Del Ray being signed and soon joining WWE.

  • Tomas

    That's because Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) is fucking awesome. If anybody watched Arn Anderson's recent interview from ComicCon, the look on his face (he practically glows) when he talks about Bryan says it all. Every time Bryan reaches another level my best friend keeps telling me that can't possibly get any better . I keep telling him that Bryan is just going to get better. I told him "This a guy who after getting dropped from his first WWE contract in 2001 because he didn't have the look and didn't fit into the mold, spent years wrestling around the world and devoted himself to learning his craft more intimately than any other wrestler of his generation. You don't think he also spent that time developing a plan/crafting a strategy for what he would do when he got another chance?"

  • David

    To have verbal jousting there needs to be so back and fourth with the people involved, there was no back and fourth, it was all CM Punk

  • BigMike

    American Dragon can do MUCH MUCH more but they will not let him I have seen his promos in ROH and in other INdy places he has skills they just do not use it

    • Patrick Peralta

      I agree American Dragon is a way better in ROH and PWG outside the WWE. I knew he had the talent in the ring and was good on the Mic…I've watched his career in the indys and he is great. in WWE they are finally letting him show what he can really do. on the mic.

      Fans are correct He is the "Best in the World" with Regal as his trainer he couldn't go wrong.

  • Bogusstang

    Thats a good thing

  • Jim Starr

    I agree with many who said there were too many recaps on Monday night. Totally unnecessary. I propose they get one of the divas to become a corespondent, someone who could be backstage or in a newsroom who interviews superstars, talks about what is trending and announces the latest touts and tweets in segements instead of the recaps. I'd rather see the tech used than what was already seen before. Give a backstage Diva a chance!

  • Kevin

    I wasn't big on DBry at first, but he's grown on me. I actually now see him as 4th in line behind Cena, Punk, and Orton (although with Orton's recent actions, DBry is hovering right behind Orton, and may overtake him soon). If DBry can last, he may one day become the face of the WWE.