JR Discusses Ric Flair Appearing At The WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, Warrior's Induction Chances, Jealousy In The Locker Room Over The Rock's Return, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-What will it take to get Warrior in the WWE HOF? I don't know but I know that attempting to barter additional video projects such as a DVD, etc likely won't get it done. I'm not in that loop, luckily, but basic, logical communication usually works best. No one I know has ever argued that Warrior isn't deserving. Personally, I have no issue with his outspoken personality as it is Warrior being Warrior and exercising his First Amendment rights.

-How can TNA allow Ric Flair to attend the WWE HOF Induction Ceremony to be with the Four Horsemen? Logically, how could they not?  How does it hurt TNA? Why would any logical business want to deprive one of their people a well deserved moment of recognition from their fan base? Plus, comparing WWE and TNA as if it was the second coming of the Monday Night Wars is laughable. To me, this matter is much to do about nothing. Ric Flair comes to Miami and is with the Horsemen to be recognized for distinguished service to the business and then he returns to TNA to resume whatever it is that he's doing.

-Are you concerned about the WWE locker room being 'jealous' of @TheRock returning to headline WM28? Not in the least. I say "get over it" if you are indeed so immature and insecure to have such an asinine reaction. If one wants to perform at WM28 make sure that one's in ring work and out of ring professionalism is such that you CAN'T be omitted from the card. Rock is going to assist in baking a LARGE PIE of which many will get an enhanced slice.

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    Sorry jr but I think you’re absolutely wrong I think that guys like dolph Ziggler gets shafted this time around I mean he was doing two matches a night at most ppv’s and at the big daddy of em all he has no part. Naw that’s not showing off that’s blowing off

    • Bault16

      Is wrestlemania tommorrow?

    • monty

      i think JR is stuck in old times, and i hope and pray that soon tna becomes big enough to compete with wwe because wwe needs a wake up call. Vince knows he has no competition so he is happy with just that, its sad and pathetic that the most exciting thing about wwe over the past 6 years has been the cm.punk promo which now seems like ages ago.

      and stop this crap about what rock did what he did he got paid a lot of money for so he shouldn't get the life time achievement just because he was with the company 7 years ago, all you have to do is watch the last 2 promos from rock i think people are seeing through him and he cheers have been going down

      wwe should be much bigger with smarter planning for example:

      instead of doing 10 PPV how about doing 8 and giving each PPV enough time to develop interest from fans and developer interesting stories, in my personal opinion if each PPV feels like a AAA show not some B show than the buy rates would go up.

      i know wcw was 11 years ago but man do i miss it because without competition vince has gotten lazy and i am hoping now that russo is out of tna hogan and eric can get their acts together and learn from their past mistakes

    • Razmos01

      I think JR knows alot more than you as he works for wwe, so he knows what talent does what and how talents act off camera, you on the other hand dont!

  • Gary

    I think Dolph is great, but he doesn't sell a PPV. The Rock however, still does.

  • havoc525

    Love his blow off of TNA,stating after Flair leaves his HoF weekend he’ll go back to “whatever it is he’s doing.” Nice dig. Agree 100% on his Rock comment also. If it’s ANYONE else, people could care less, since it’s The Rock, who has become a bigger star than anyone in WWE currently has a chance to become, who has another job to focus on maintaining while doing Wrestlemania, people want to whine. Reach at least HALF his success in total and get “bumped” from Wrestlemaina, THEN you can complain. Otherwise, shut up, listen, and learn from a master.

  • Ken Gillis

    The Rock and Cena are 2 of the greatest performers in the business. It should be the match of the decade much like Rock/Hogan or the WM 12 Ironman match or Hogan/Andre were. It is 2 titans clashing. I hope this years mania is alot better than last years. Last year had good matches but none of them lived up to the hype. And how is it that Mania ends with the villan on top? But who will be hero and who will be villan in Rock/Cena? Time will tell.

  • Bruno

    Only cena vs rock is big enough to pull wrestlemania


    Everyone needs to relax!!! Cena for 1 in the attitude era would be a flop nd the rock on the other hand had other top tier wrestlers pretty much his hole short lived wraslin career so to say match of the century knows absolutely nothing about the history of wrestling. Hahahaha that’s funny the self proclaimed people’s champ/Disney actor vs the leader of the chain gang/ wwe budget films great wrestlemania

  • Jose

    Does anyone remembers when Ric Flair was in WWE and they didn't let him go to his NWA Halla of Fame?

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