JR Discusses The Future Of Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, & Several FCW Talents, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-It seemed that Jinder Mahal was a different talent in Orlando than I have seen him at times on WWE TV. Mahal has a marketable upside in my view and NXT might give him the platform to better develop his in ring efforts. I'd suggest keeping an eye on this highly intelligent, motivated young man. 

The same thing can be said of essentially everyone that gets the NXT opportunity. It's a place to refine one's game and to continue to learn. Every TV match is an important opportunity for each person that steps foot in the ring.  

-Young Bo Dallas (formerally Rotundo) has an outstanding upside and he's still just a pup. Excellent, natural instincts.

-Bray Wyatt's TV persona is one of the most unique and compelling to come along in a good while and the young athlete, who at one time wrestled as Husky Harris, has but a great deal of time and effort into his new persona. Some may compare it to the DeNiro character in Cape Fear and even Waylon Mercy back in the day but this uniquely Bray Wyatt incarnation feels new and fresh plus the athlete behind it is big and aggressive....and has youth going for him. 

-Drew McIntyre, who has always had potential, had one of his best days on the job with WWE, in my view, while at NXT Thursday. His match with Seth Rollins, another seemingly can't miss prospect, was stellar. McIntyre is only 27 and I'm thinking that if he can continue get the extra work in NXT that the Scot will take the next step up the ladder in the near future. 

-Tyson Kidd stood out again and is beginning to put more personality with his already amazing in ring skills which is imperative to get to the proverbial Promised Land. Derrick Bateman had a good night as well.

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  • christopher525

    I knew there that I could see some Waylon Mercy in the Bray Wyatt character. If I can suspend my knowledge of who's playing the character, I LOVE the gimmick and would love to follow it as it grows. Hard to believe McIntyre is only 27, he's been there a couple years, still waiting for him to break through.

  • Monty

    A lot of these guys do have talent but wwe creative is not talented enough to use some of these mid card wrestlers to their full potential. It feels like over the last few years wwe put a lot into main event story lines but nothing at all in mid cards. Wcw had great and in most night 5 star matches within mid card and cruiseweight

  • AnacondaVise

    I think Tyson Kidd is one of the best in-ring workers in WWE. It pains me to see him being used to get people over that aren't half as good as he is.

  • Kevin

    The problem with the WWE talent is that there is simply too much of it. The WWE has a great deal of good talent, and it seems to be growing exponentially. Unfortunately, there are only so many spots at the top, and those spots aren't growing. Once a talent reaches the top of the card, he seems to stay there (Cena, anyone?), leaving no room for growth from the mid-carders. That's why having WCW around was such a good thing. I wish TNA, aka Dixie Carter, would get rid of Hogan/Bischoff and get someone in who can really make the company grow. We need another superpower to rival WWE. Perhaps even a 3rd or 4th superpower. Then there'd be enough top card spots for all the great talent out there.