JR Discusses "Once In A Lifetime: Rock vs. Cena," Working With Paul Heyman, Those Who Urge Him To Quit WWE, More

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 Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-WWE friends who have seen the Cena/Rock TV special in its entirety that airs on many the NBC Universal platforms next week have raved about the one hour broadcast. I've been privileged to see several snippets of the show and I, too, was  impressed. WWE has their 'A Production Team' working on this personal look at both @JohnCena and @TheRock with the overwhelming bulk of the footage being behind the scenes. From what I have seen, this is a must see for all WWE fans and those who follow the business in any manner. It airs just before RAW this Monday night and then throughout the week on various NBC-U networks. I'd assume that WWE.com will have a listing of the air times.

-Q...Did @HeymanHustle ever really piss you off during commentary? Yes. Paul Heyman also pissed me off in meetings, on long car trips, plane rides and at lunch. BUT...he was a helluva broadcast partner and a brilliant mind. Did we 'hate' each other as it appeared we did on camera? The answer is....no. However, our chemistry and ringside dynamic was certainly combustible and, I think, entertaining.

-I get a chuckle out of those who tweet or email me here at the Q&A section of our site saying that I should "quit WWE" in protest of not being utilized on weekly TV, etc. I'm just curious, would me quitting be classified as merely stupid or just immature/egocentric...or all of the above? 

Some people need to realize that with doing weekly TV comes approximately 51 weeks a year of travel. Ever try that for a decade or three?

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  • paul

    you get paid the big bucks, then don’t do it!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    He shouldn't quit for being used,, he should have quit for being made funny of when he is dealing with his illness like Bell's Palsy…. back when they did that he had every right to quit. I sure as hell wouldn't have put up with all that BS going on at the time..

    but then I'm not one to make fun of someone's illness let alone on Nationwide TV. I don't care how they reason it, it was just wrong plain and simple.

    • Logan_Walker

      i dont think that Vince takes JR Seriously he is one of the best commentators that i have seen but i know they Rib him the most, but a live unexpected fireing ? not worth it over and over humiliation just not worth it

  • Kleck

    I really hope but doubt that the best ring commentator of my lifetime will call the best Wrestlemnia in years. Wrestlemania is not the same with that jabroni Michael Cole barking. GDYC

  • Kevin

    Ok, people, here's the thing: No one – and I mean NO ONE – is forced to do things on-air that they don't want to do. They're paid good money to be on air, and if a writer, or McMahon, comes up with a storyline a talent doesn't agree with, they simply don't have to do it. Of course, this might require them to quit, but so be it. If JR didn't want to be on air taking all that punishment, he wouldn't do it. He's been in this business for DECADES, not just years, so he knows how it all works. If he REALLY didn't want to do the on air crap the storylines have called for him to do, he certainly wouldn't. So let's just leave him alone and let him work.