JR Discusses Who To Recruit & Why, WWE Renaming Talent, What FCW Talent Should Focus On, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-Why do you like to recruit football players to train to be pro wrestlers? The history of football players becoming successful pro wrestlers has long been established. Simply do the research. They are generally physically and mentally tough men, they come from a structured, team environment, understand the locker room mentality and obviously have above average athletic skills. Football is certainly not the only sport that should be scouted. Also, highly motivated, well trained independent wrestlers are also high on my personal list of people to scout. No matter one's background, athleticism and the 'it' factor are essential along with a passion for the genre.

-Why does WWE change the names of wrestlers? WWE is an entertainment company and they want to own all their intellectual property. Changing names of wrestlers allows them to own those names. It's smart business and I would do the same if I owned a wrestling company. Wrestlers who are using a name that they used prior to joining WWE essentially 'lease' their name to WWE during the term of said wrestler's WWE tenure.

-Anyone in FCW ready to go? Several are 'this close.' It's all about timing and how individual talents are integrated onto WWE TV. Why are they on TV? Who are they? What are they here to accomplish? Are they friend or foe? Can you help me get to know their TV persona? So, there are many elements involved in getting called up. Until then, the individuals themselves just need to continue to out work/perform their competition, put in more quality ring time, study more DVDS, and increase their strength and conditioning regiment.

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  • Dave Barton

    JR makes everything sound so logical, re: WWE’s plans & intentions. So why does it feel like WWE drops the ball so often??

  • @RatedMKD

    I completely understand the logic behind wanting to own the intellectual properties in regards to the names, etc, but some of the stuff they come up with is just atrocious. Nick Nemeth is such an awesome name for a wrestler. Dolph Ziggler, on the other hand… and don't get me started on renaming Joe Hennig as Michael McGillicutty…

    • Lee

      the renaming was joe henning's idea he didn't want to use his fathers name to get a push he wanted to do it all on his own

      • Alex

        Didn't exactly help Joe Henning's career though did it? Still, I give him credit for trying.

  • Bailey

    WWE should sign Samoa Joe!!!…the guy is pure ball kicker!!!

    • Glen

      I beat is Joe was sign they would put the most ridicules name on him or reverse it like they did with Brian Danielson. Another dumb name is Titus O’Neil, plus it doesn’t help that he sucks on the mic and in the ring, his heel persona is worse than his babyface. He needs to go!

      • XRD89X

        You mean a more ridiculous name than Samoa Joe?

  • Ricky

    I heard rumor that we could see Tyler Black, Jon Moxley and The Kings of Wrestling after Mania.