JR Forced Out?, WWE Show Bonuses, Where's Evan Bourne?, Wyatt Or Axel

I'll be blunt: Was Jim Ross forced out?

From the outside looking in, it appears Jim Ross' WWE contract was up and he wasn't re-signed. WWE is spinning it that he retired after 20 years of service. It's almost like a rib considering we know JR had no plans to retire just over two weeks ago. JR had heat from the WWE 2K14 Legend's panel over SummerSlam weekend, as the feeling was he should have tried to quell the situation with Ric Flair when the belief was that he only added to the fire with his comments. We have full details on the story here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium. JR blogged on his final day in WWE but never mentioned the word retirement.

Are show appearance bonuses the same no matter what program they appear on (Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, Main Event)?

If a worker is used on a WWE show, whether it is a live event that isn't televised or one of the programs you mentioned, they are paid a $500 show bonus. Pay-per-view bonuses are different because workers get a portion of the buyrate but the $500 bonus is a flat fee used for all shows.

Where is Evan Bourne?

We heard that Evan Bourne was interested in returning at SummerSlam but was told that he wasn't needed. WWE is planning to give him another shot on the main roster but I do not have a date as of this writing.

Between Bray Wyatt and Curtis Axel who do you think has had more success so far since coming to the main roster

If you look at the fact that Curtis Axel is WWE Intercontinental Champion and currently in a main event angle with CM Punk, you would have to say him. However, I can't label Curtis Axel a success and do not feel it has worked so far. Bray Wyatt is more over and I think has a much higher ceiling at this point. I'm a fan of a Joe Hennig but it'd be delusional for me to sit here and write that his push in WWE has worked.

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  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I don’t get it! I just don’t get it! If the 2K ppl who SPONSORED the Symposyum were “thrilled” with how things went down, why the hell is WWE so bent out of shape about it? I will say this, Flair did go a little overboard when he mentioned TNA but mentioning his son’s death was not a big deal well it was to Flair but in a positive light. The guy just buried his youngest son 6 months earlier and there’s no way to be over that in such a short amount of time. In my opinion Flair is still greaving and its a process that takes a long time. JR should have done a better job in keeping control though but at one point he threw his notes up in the air and left for a whole and then came back. Still I was entertainined as well as everybody who was there. WWE IS WAY TOO PC SOMETIMES!

    • Kris Mystery

      Flair is a sloppy drunk who loves microphones and the sound of his own voice. The last couple of times he was on RAW it looked like he had a few too many.The 2K people were thrilled with how it went because Flair didn’t bring anything up about them or their competition.

      • dean

        ric flair is a washed up has been. if he had been a better father, then his son would not have picked up his drug addiction lifestyle

    • Kevin

      Vince does what he wants. One of the major problems of having no competition. In the last 2 years there has been heat on every notable superstar/diva and none of it was a major deal. He would have not treated JR or anyone else like this in the mid 90’s.

      • dean

        so you guys are saying that vince mcahon should keep boomer sooner jim ross on the pay roll just to keep him from going to tna to help his fellow red necks in their quest for relevancy in the rassling world?

        • Kevin

          First, it has nothing to do with money. I’m pretty sure Vince is doing okay. There is a lot of talent currently under a “legend’s contract” that have contributed far less to the WWE than JR. He did thankless jobs including in charge of talent at one time on top of being the best announcer ever. His eye for talent was remarkable, I believe Mick Foley and Trish both thanked him personally at this year’s HOF. Vince never gave JR the credit he deserves and he went out of his way on numerous occasions to embarrass and degrade him and this is just another instance.

          • dean

            vince McMahon has enough money to last 3 lifetimes. If I were vince McMahon, I would sign jim ross to a legends deal just to silence any backlash from the whiny iwc fanatics.
            McMahon put jim ross into the hof in 2007 and put him on tv when he has bells palsy. do you see the nba, nfl, nhl etc doing that in this current environment?
            jim ross was a great announcer but McMahon did not want him on tv anymore and it is HIS COMPANY.
            In fact, jim ross was GAINFULLY employed by wwe until that incident with ric flair at summerslam.

    • dean

      vince McMahon was pissed off that ric flair mentioned his dead son , reid died from a heroin overdose; he was a drug addict. McMahon does not want his company associated with drug use and early deaths anymore.
      McMahon did not like “tna” getting any exposure at his event.
      McMahon does not fear tna and if 61 year old jim ross winds up there, he can’t hurt wwe in any way; tna is a retirement home for ex wwe, wcw talent.
      there is no ted turner or time warner to carry HAS BEEN HOGAN, BITCHOFF OR OLD MAN STING ANYMORE to the “promised land” anymore.

      • Steve pritchard

        Vkm doesnt support drug users! Whos the current champion? And who is on his third wellness violation? Yeah kinda sounds like a hypocrite dont you think!

        • dean

          randy orton violated the wwe policy on 2 occasions but he is not a drug addict. wwe PUNISHED him for those violations.
          the goal of the wwe policy is to prevent wrestling deaths by wwe contracted talent.
          wwe does not want another eddie g. death on their watch.
          this is not a sport so wwe’s policy is different from real sports drug policies which are designed to prevent cheating by competitors.
          McMahon did not want the media to think that reid flair worked for wwe and that his death somehow was wwe’s fault.

  • Jaryd

    I know there’s no way to be sure, and I think JR would be far too respectful to rip on WWE if it was their decision not to resign him… But if that is the case then I have 100% lost all faith and respect for them. Even if they insist on not having the best play by play man in history on TV every week, to let him go from the company is frankly shocking.

  • David

    How much longer until we here Jim Ross say, I’m Jim Ross and this my colleage, Mike Tenay?

  • BIG M

    I knew it I called it JR was forced out I knew it.
    What is it VKM has against Jim ross he’s treated him like garbage for years why.

    • Matt

      WoW!.. “you knew it” you and 99% of the rest of us. You’re an ass clown!! Vince is a Bully & has always treated JR as “nerd” don’t you read any of Ricards posts?!?

      • BIG M

        Don’t you do anything else with your time then stay up all day and night looking at this site solely to reply to people and insult them.

        • PFA56

          You realize of course your talking about Matt right.
          Just do what u do with Franco dude ignore him.
          Everybody else does.

        • Matt Scott

          Can I point out dude, believe me or not, there are two matts on here. I’m sick of catching flack for him. He trolls. He abuses. He’s a co**.

          • BIG M

            If your not the Matt who sent me that insulting reply then deleted it sorry your always being mistaken for that ass hole.
            on the other hand If you are the Matt who sent me that reply then I don’t see the difference between the two of you and I suggest you do something most people would consider physically impossible with a with your computer screen good day to you sir.

  • John

    I actually think they will end Axel’s alliance with Heyman at NOC if they bring in a new “Paul Heyman guy”.. Probably Big E Langston.

  • Nostaljack

    I really wish far less of the whole “JR” story had been given away for free here. I know the story’s hot but why essentially give it away less than 24 hours after you give it to “premium readers”?

  • James

    This question is for the guys. Who would you rather have sex with? Justin Gabriel or a 300 pound female wrestling fan who loves wearing Undertaker and John Cena t-shirts, that knows more about wrestling than you, that doesn’t maintain a clean shave down below, sweats excessively, wears sweat pants and baggy jeans alot, and bathes once every three days

    You have to choose one

    • smark calloway

      well if she had a cute face and was a nice person i would help her lose all the weight , then take her clothes shopping , then she would probably feel better about herself and maintain her hygiene and shaving issues ..why do you ask? do you have a thing for justin gabriel ? and/or the larger ladies ?

      • James

        nah just wondering lol

      • Steve pritchard

        Nothing wrong with large ladies , big girls need luvin too! But justin gabriel ! Thats just wrong and jm not going there . Sounds like something he should talk to a therapist about!

    • Steve pritchard

      I would just roll her in flour and hit the wet spots!

  • smark calloway

    the jr situation is probably something as simple as this…his contract was coming up and vince didnt feel the need to offer jim a new one or didnt feel like he was worth paying a hefty amount of money to for the amount of work he does now ( from my understanding JR over the years has been on quite a big money contract ). vince probably offered him a ” legends ” contract at a faction of the amount JR is used to and ross probably didnt like it ( or felt like he deserved more money ) and turned it down

  • Nostaljack

    Bray’s gimmick is far more compelling and he’s doing a better job at getting it over. Axel is a character no one cares about. Were it not for the Heyman/Punk thing, he’d be nowhere at all. He’s almost no better off as a character than he was as McGillicutty.

  • Stoney

    Bray Wyatt is the new Raven