JR Gives Talent Evaluations From WWE NXT TV Tapings

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Jim Ross, who knows a thing or two about talent, posted a new blog on his official website with thoughts on this week's WWE NXT television tapings. Below is an excerpt:

Bray Wyatt Family had a stellar night. Good presentation.

Sasha Banks beginning to impress.

Jake Cater back from injury.

Good taping for Cory Graves.

Adrian Neville formerly know as PAC had a superb nite. An amazing, flying Dynamite Kid.

Mason Ryan returned to the ring & looked massive & imposing.

England's Paige is improving & is a keeper in my view. The anti Diva.

Alex Riley looked good as did Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty.

Really enjoyed Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger together.

Xavier Woods has 'something.'

Willam Regal & Tony "Don't call me Richard" Dawson handled all the commentary. Michael Cole & yours truly helped the announcers that were there. Enjoyed it. Shawn Michaels held court fir hors w/ the young talents. Awesome. Great seeing Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman. Dusty Rhodes and I talked Johnny Football. An overall great experience at Full Sail & one I'd encourage fans to try at least once.

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  • Keith

    Nothing about Corey Graves? He’s the best talent in NXT

  • He did say he had a great taping

  • Also have to say Paige has got to be so close to a call up. She is super over on NXT tv and her gimmick would get over with many of the current WWE Universe