JR Interviews Jake Roberts, Sting Tweets Warrior Photo, Titus On The Soup, Tamina Answers Questions

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- JR's latest podcast is online at this link. In it, he talks to Jake Roberts as Jake discusses how DDP saved his life.

- Sting Tweeted the following photo of him and Ultimate Warrior:

- Check out Titus O'Neil on The Soup at this link.

- Tamina Snuka is featured on this week's episode of WWE Inbox at this link. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

  • ron

    Anyone have any idea when or where the picture with Warrior/Sting was taken?

    • Dave Barton

      Based on their appearance, I’d say 1985 when they were breaking into the business in California.

      • Charlie

        “Mourning the loss of Jim Hellwig. I don’t believe anyone has ever published this picture before today. The snapshot was taken two days before Thanksgiving in 1985, as we prepared to leave my house in Newhall, California and embark on a career in wrestling” taken from Stings facebook post