JR Predicts Sunday's Money In The Bank Ladder Matches, Discusses Future NXT Plans, The Hall Of Fame-Level Careers Of Kane & Bob Backlund, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

"I'm guessing that John Cena and Dolph Ziggler win their respective MITB bouts this Sunday on PPV. No wagering please.   

"There is talk of having a tournament to crown a NXT Champion which, if and when it is held, could create some amazing opportunities for several young athletes looking to get noticed with the hopes of making it to a Raw or Smackdown WWE roster.

"I've been extremely impressed with Kane the past several weeks as I have previously mentioned here. The veteran continues to deliver in a big way inside the ropes which is where it counts the most. Kane is a great success story as he migrated through the independent scene to earn a HOF level career in WWE. When I first saw Kane, it was in an arena of maybe 100 fans, he looked a great deal like Sycho Sid in size and wrestled under a mask known as the Unibomber. We had him come to a WWE TV, which I think was in Georgia, for a try out and officials were impressed with his size, athleticism and demeanor. No major star that I can recall has been easier to work with than the highly intelligent and articulate Kane. I have great respect for the man....even though he tried to BBQ me once upon a time.

"Good seeing Bob Backlund on Raw Monday night but in hindsight I'd have loved to have seen Bob make his cameo while RAW was in the northeast. Perhaps he wasn't available. The former champion is in amazing condition for a guy in his 60's but Bobby has always been a cardio freak and his strength was always grossly underrated. I have no knowledge of the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Class but Backlund has to be high on the list of potential inductees. Backlund was a two sport All American in College both on the gridiron as a defensive end and on the mat 190."

Click here to read JR’s latest in its entirety.

  • Swanson

    In my opinion Kane has had an underrated career. The guy made an angle and character that I doubt was originally made to last more then a year and made an fantastic career out of it. I’ve always been a big fan and I’m glad his been in the main event scene since he won money in the bank.

    • Brad

      I agree, it shows just how good Kane really is when he can stick to the same gimmick for over 10 years and people arn’t bored of it, unlike Del Rio who got boring in about 5 months. Kane is easily one of the best of all time

      • MVP

        I love how Kane can bounce between being a heel and a face literally from one week to the next. He can be serious as a heart attack when laying out Randy Orton's dad, or funny when he lit Teddy Long's BBQ grill at The Great American Bash.

  • John dickson

    John cena wins mitb , rock beats cm punk for title @ 1000 raw , cena cashes in on same night which leads to wrestlemania rematch.

  • Ian P.

    I agree with JR's comment on Backlund having by his cameo in the Northeast. I felt that not many people knew who he was in the live crowd even though Cole and Lawler gave a brief history lesson of who he was. His pop would have been bigger in New York.

    • snuggle

      The crowd can’t hear the announcers, only the people watching television.

      • Ian P.

        I know that. I am saying I think he would have if they heard the history lesson.

  • snuggle

    The crowd can not hear the commentators, only the people watching at home can hear them. Have you ever even been to a television taping or ppv before.

  • Kevin

    When common sense seems so common. Many just don’t get it…