JR Talks About Vince McMahon Being Demanding In The Headset, Jerry Lawler Defecating During A Match

Jim Ross was interviewed over the weekend by ESPN. In one of the pieces recorded for "Highly Questionable," he talked about Vince McMahon being very demanding on the headset and how they've had announcers leave the company because they couldn't handle it.

JR also said Vince is a clean freak, he won't eat anything with his hands and he was very clean when he joined the "kiss my ass" club. Ross ended the appearance by talking about Jerry Lawler defecating on himself during a match. You can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:

There's excerpts from another interview here on ESPNFrontRow.com.

  • I love hearing Jim Ross talk about past experiences. For anyone who doesn’t know yet, he recently started doing his own podcast at this link: http://podcastone.com/The-Ross-Report

  • DanfromOz

    Is this really what tv presenters are like in the states? And they blur the word ass? Dudeeee