JR - Who Is Best In The World, Daniel Bryan For MVP, Top Talent Taking time Off, CM Punk Broadcasting Matches At NXT?

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below is an excerpt:

Enjoyed SummerSlam by and large. HHH/ Lesnar was intense and old school. Loved it. Some younger fans who like circus acts may have wanted more high risk stuff.

Who is the best in the world? My answer is essentially always the same. The WWE Champion. @CMPunk has a JR's BBQ sauce bottle sized chip on his shoulder. It drives him...same back in day for @steveaustinBSR. Not a show biz presentation. Real life motivation.

Who's the MVP of WWE thus far in 2012 in WWE? For me, @WWEDanielBryan.

WWE losing several, top hands for the immediate time, HHH, Lesnar, Jericho, etc. Great time to get someone hot and for aggressive talents to take bold steps.

In route to Orlando for Thursday night NXT at Full Sail University featuring WWE Champion @CMPunk. I may broadcast a bout or two w/ Punk which I'd enjoy. Every NXT bout is critical for each talent. Evaluations are never ending & cuts can occur at any time. That's no secret. Performing under pressure simply makes one better.

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  • Dave the Jobber

    IMHO WWE MVP is either C.M.Punk or Daniel Bryan. They each bring a bit of REAL to the scene. I know it's scripted and all, but they have the skills to make or break any other "superstar"on the roster.

  • Joe O.

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Agree with JR completely on Daniel Bryan being the MVP of the WWE!

  • Chris

    I just want to see the push of divas more, seems we need to light a fire under their asses!! Aj should be pushing them!!

  • Ellen

    Everyone deserves time off, especially the long-time main eventers that hold the WWE universe's attention, burn out happens. But – WWE writers need to wake up – forcing low in-ring/mic skill fillers like ADR, Tensai (Albert/A-Train whatever), Otunga, AW etc. on the WWE universe viewers doesn't make sense. Young, talented (Ziggler, Rhodes – I know wellness violation, Tatsu, etc.) workers have to have storylines when time off is at hand for the "super"-superstars.

  • Miles

    DB is head and shoulders above everyone talent wise

    • Liam

      ADR has poor in ring skills?

    • Liam

      Sorry replied to the wrong post

  • RobUK

    I don’t understand why Bryan isn’t a champion right now – either belt. He’s so over and I agree he is head and shoulders above anyone else. I think a title run now would solidifie him as a main eventer. I’m constantly worried WWE are just going to drop the ball with him.