JR's Royal Rumble Status, Ridiculous Goldberg Speculation, The 20 Greatest WCW Matches Of All Time

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- Jim Ross is at his home in Oklahoma battling the flu and will not be doing commentary work at Royal Rumble on Sunday.

- More speculation takes place this time of the year than any other regarding surprise Royal Rumble match entrants. Bill Goldberg Tweeted "Not a chance in hell," when asked if he was showing up at the pay-per-view.

- Dot com counts down "The 20 Greatest WCW Matches of All Time." You can read the list at this link.

- New photos on our Instagram account include John Cena parting, The Rock in his Halloween costume and CM Punk getting tattooed. You can follow us at this link.

  • D_gilbert88

    Can’t imagine anything worse than a Goldberg return!! Wouldn’t even get on the card competing with rock, lesnar, punk, cena, taker and HHH in the lead up to Mania!!

    • He just too old for compete

  • Michael

    Goldberg was ok when he was out, but the guy continues to dump on the business. News flash Goldberg you weren’t that great stay away if that’s what you want to do you’re a one trick pony.