JTG Goes Ballistic On Twitter - Says No One Wants To Speak Up In Fear Of Losing Their Job Or Getting Taken Off TV

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JTG is currently on a Twitter rampage about the atmosphere backstage in WWE. Below are his Tweets:




Just in case any of the Tweets are deleted, we've recapped them below:

There are some who live in a fantasy, there are those who live in reality.Then there are some who turn one into the other.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. #Iwantchange

The camels back just BROKE ! I had enought of this

As a pro athlete,Im tired of me and my lockerroom brothers being taken advantage of . Fans have no idea what we go through. #itsanillusion

Nobody wants to speak up, everybodys afraid of losing their job or getting taken off TV

  • _JIM_

    Future endeavored anybody?

  • Chapinb0yy

    Lets see where this gets him.

  • Geezer

    Well, he won't be any worse off than he is now. Good on him. Still don't know why they broke up Crime Tyme

    • kqbooker

      Wwe thinks backwards that’s why!

  • omne

    Seeing that none of the black athletes get a real chance to shine in the wwe. I’m not too shocked that JTG is fed up. WWE only gives minority athletes stereotypical gimmicks to run with. Look at R.Truth and Kofi. Orton killed Kofi’s push sometime ago because he said he wasn’t ready. Now look at the judgement of character he turns out to be. Continuing to mess up but still gets pushed to the moon and will be in the title picture in a month.

    • Dave Barton

      Im.I was actually having similar thoughts regarding non-whites durng the tag match tonight. It occured to me that the steady tag teams are all either black, hispanic, or Samoan. And it seems like the tag belts are a mere afterthought to the creative team…back of the bus, anyone?

    • Wwefan4ever

      I hate to tell you but wwe has nothing against black people. I don’t know if you realized but mark Henry is black and before he got injured look where he was. But jtg is talking about the jobbers.

      Anyways yes we know Orton ruins everything. He bashes on Jodi and on Heath.

      I blame Orton for it all

    • Anand

      I dont think that is true. Ron Simmons – the Hall of Famer was black. Rock is Samoan and he is one of WWE's all time greats, Mark Henry was on one of the best pushes of his career until he got injured.

      I dont think WWE is against any color or race for that matter. If you have the talent, you will shine. Of course, there is a bit of back-stage politics but a talented individual will make it to the top no matter what…

      • CJ

        What about koko b ware, one of the wwe’s best wrestlers in the 1980s and early 1990’s. Jtg is not being racist in his comments he is just fed up of not being used as is a lot of the talent! Personally I feel they have to many talent and they don’t know what to do with them!!

      • Paul

        Booker T is the new gm, mark Henry was world champion last year, prime time players are receiving a little push, kofi and rtruth are bringing some pride back to the tag division, the rock is half black/half Samoan and is one of the all time greats, bobby lashley was being pushed to the moon before he left and he wasnt even any good! I don’t think wwe

        • Paul

          I don’t think wwe is racist in any way these days and they wouldn’t get away with it if they were.
          There’s no place for racism in any media, the fans and people in general would not watch it otherwise. I think JTG is talking about the guys in the locker room who get pushed around and made to do jobs when some of them are better workers than the guys in the top spots but can’t over because they aren’t given a chance.
          Pushed publish by accident that’s why my comment was in 2 parts.

          • Dave Barton

            I'm fully aware of the *past* success of non-white wrestlers in the WWE…I've been watching since it was the WWWF in 1977. I'm just pointing out that right now, it seems like an entire division that is largely an afterthought seems filled with non-white wrestlers. An amazing coincidence? Could be. The Usos are legit brothers & the Colons are legit cousins, so sure it seems natural to pair them up as tag teams. But it could also be that the current creative team doesn't know how to package someone who isn't white.

            Hmm…maybe they need Chavito to come back & show them…"If it ain't White, it ain't right!" (tasteless imo, but they actually did it some years ago).

    • kqbooker

      They had a chance with Bobby Lashley and messed it up!

    • kqbooker

      Bobby Lashley was very popular and Wwe let him go!

      • Paul

        I’ve been watching since 1995 and I know where dave is coming from but it seems that wwe has no creative plans what so ever for the division not just because of their race.
        The only non White wrestler I can see going anywhere at the moment if kofi, there is a lack of main event talent at the moment.

  • Lenny

    The way I see it, it’s either an angle or it’s not. Given the fact that JTG is pretty much shit right now, hasn’t been featured and hasn’t had a push since his Cryme Tyme days with Shad I say he’s had enough of it and wants to get released. this is the thing, guys dream about being a WWE superstar and when they get there they can either do something with themselves or they can just go wth the flow. Guys like Daniel Bryan, CM punk, even that goofball Zack Ryder did something with their characters, although Ryder is less and less thought off these days. JTG although is a good worker, doesn’t have the right charisma to get over. That gansta “yo yo yo” crap will only take him so far.

    • I 100% agree! Its either an angle or its not an angle! Its gotta be one of those.

  • Stoney

    next stop…………… humbleville or unemployment

    • StephenSnel23

      He can’t be humbled anymore than he already has been.

  • Chris

    Lol it’s gets him taken off tv and fired, then tna can use him. Hell I got back into recently, and I’ve been surprised he is still around.

  • Nostaljack

    It's also possible that you're all getting "worked".

    • Austin

      By JTG? Yeah, right.

    • Thats actually the first thing i thought. Work.

  • Eddie

    Wouldn't be surprised to see him and Yoshi get future endeavoured after these public complaints…

  • CrankyVince

    After hearing a lot of interviews from wrestlers on how bad it is in WWE with the politics, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people complain.

  • Thisguy

    For the love of God someone tell Vince to hire me on the creative team. I’d actually award JTG for having the balls to speak up for himself. I’d turn this into an angle and create a huge star outta him. Having him attack big names like Cena or Orton backstage and after matches to make a name for himself. I’d have him sabotage the opening RAW intro with him invading WWE’s headquarters, shoving countless staff members, tossing chairs and papers, demanding he get his chance in the company. And if he doesn’t, more innocent people will get hurt. Boom. Instant star created. That’s just one idea. I have plenty of others for unused talent. I’m telling you, if I was on the creative team, WWE would be a hell

    • CrankyVince

      Great idea! I would have a stable of younger and underutilized guys do it instead. To get them all time on tv.

    • Joe O.

      I completely agree with this type of storyline! It’s fresh, it’s thought out, it’s like a Nexus/DX of old kinda feel to it. I’d be sick of it too if I were in that locker room and was told “OK, we’re going to three hours, that’s an extra hour of tv time… But none of you are still going to be featured because we have 17 social accounts to show and at least 10 recaps to do.”

  • Thisguy

    ….a hell out a lot more entertaining.

  • proud

    Who’s his backstage brothers?

    • christopher525

      McIntyre, Reks, Hawkins, pretty much the entire crew of the whole animated thing Reks put together. So far Kidd is the only one getting an actual look lately. JTG has a ton of talent, it's a shame he hasn't gotten over. I wish Shad were brought back, so they could take out their clones, at least then he'd get used.

  • LilRJ

    JTG preach it brother

  • LLCooltae

    WWE should do a work with these guys like a NWO theme w/JTG starting it and each week we see more joining… Then a surprise big name behind it… I miss the factions in wrestling!!

    • TheSeizureComic

      already done before. it was called the JOB squad and was led by Al Snow.

  • Zatch

    JTG is right he’s not been on tv for the longest time other than to job brodus clay. I’m really disappointed in the wwe creative team for souly working to put the top talent over and spend almost a full hour shoving touts down our throats. The only thing about JTG that I don’t like is his new attire. But other than that people like JTG and yoshi tatsu really diserve a push

  • Latrell

    If JTG is only going to use Twitter to get ahead then he won’t get any where. It seems as if Twitter is the current form of revolution. If he wants greatness, then he needs to go take it like CM Punk did and not type it.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well Either he is going to get less TV time oh wait when was the last time we seen JTG on RAW or smackdown ? or good Bye JTG see ya in TNA

  • Tony P.

    I agree with some of you. WWE doesn’t push black superstars. Look at R-Truth. He came into WWF/E, went to TNA to make a name for himself and now they made him into a joke. Rock don’t fit that category because he is mixed. Ron Simmons hasn’t done anything major since being a replacement and winning the WCW championship. The only reason why Mark Henry even won the WHC is because he had plans to retire. Black wrestlers always get held back for ppl like Randy Boring and John Cena.

    • StephenSnel23

      Really? Really? Going with the race card? That is totall BS. Yes yOu can count The Rock, yes you can count Ron Simmons and yes you can count Mark Henry. You think just because Mark Henry was contemplating retirement that Vince would give him a mega push to keep him?? HA! Vince gave him that push because he knows how talented Henry is. If Vince didn’t see $$$ he would not have pushed him.

      • kqbooker

        What about Kingston!

      • Latrell

        Let’s be real, Ron Simmons? What century was that? You can’t name minorities from years past and say hey WWE is fair. When’s the last time a minority was the WWE champion? The heavy weight champion, maybe, but that’s not the title of all titles.

    • CrankyVince

      Randy Bor-ton sounds much better than Randy Boring, lmao.

    • kqbooker

      That is true they had a chance with Bobby Lashley and blew it! He had a great feud with Cena! They didn’t want to push him!

  • Logan_Walker

    I’m not racist but who take a guy named “JTG” seriously? Such a funny name.

    • Dave Barton

      Jeez, I dunno…maybe HBK, Y2J, or HHH?

      • Nick

        Shawn micheals, Chris Jericho, and triple H. JTG is his name not a nickname.

  • truckerbob3007

    He could be back on the indy circuit wrestling for $30 a night.. Even not being used, he still has a downside and gets paid, so shut up, collect your paycheck or quit ! Just think, when he does get cut, he can main event indy shows as ” former WWE superstar”.

    • Dave Barton

      Lol…you make a good point, showing the one big fault of WWE insisting on calling all of its workers "Superstars."

    • kqbooker

      Let’s see you do that!


    Maybe he didn’t join the WWE for the paycheck. Maybe he joined to WRESTLE.

    • CrankyVince

      Sounds like something Jim Cornette would say, lol.

  • Wrestlingfan

    A lot of these comments sound like the same doubts people had about Punk's shoot and Ryder's campaign to get on TV. How about we all just practice what we keep preaching and just "see where this one goes"? Or is that officially forgotten like a WWE Storyline, meaning you all will just act like you weren't the sames one who saw the talent of Punk and Ryder after what they did to elevate themselves to that "next level"?

    I applaud JTG for saying something because it shows he wants to be where all the greats have gone, and that's on top of the mountain in WWE. Candidly, I think CT should've never split either, but acting like he's nothing is despicable, especially when it comes from the same fans who will applaud his work once this actually works…

    .. Jeez you fairweathers sicken me. No wonder IWC exists…all the so-called "supporters" don't know what the hell they want.

  • Ray

    Is someone mad that they can’t get over with the crowd, and their moves are mediocre at best? LoL.

  • Kevin

    Problem is, this has already been done once. Nation of Domination, anyone? Wasn't their problem that black talent wasn't being used properly? Then along comes Rocky, and BAM! Overnight black wrestling star. I'm not really sure what JTG is talking about in his tweets, anyway. He mentions the fans not knowing what they go through, but also mentions that he's tired of him and his backstage bros being taken advantage of. So is he ranting against the machine (aka Vinny Mac), or is he ranting against the fans? Perhaps both?