Judge Dismisses Martha Hart's Lawsuit Against Vince & Linda McMahon

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A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Martha Hart against Vince and Linda McMahon where she alleged WWE used the image of Owen Hart without her permission and despite her objections.

Judge Stefan Underhill ruled last week that WWE retained a right to Owen Hart's wrestling career but denied the company's motion to dismiss a claim related to personal family photos but said there was no evidence Linda McMahon knew about the photos.

Hart's claim for unpaid royalties against WWE was allowed to proceed. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, who called Martha's suit filed in 2010 a political stunt, said he was pleased with the ruling.

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  • Matt

    I've always thought Martha was crazy. Vince owns her husband's career and legacy and she just needs to come to terms with it, let them put him in the HOF and she'll see even more money if that's all she cared about.

    • Adam

      That's not fair. You would be pissed if your spouse was killed as a result of a company's incompetence (even if it was an accident)

    • Rob

      Would you want your wife's killers making money off her? I wish we could see an Owen DVD, Legends figures and stuff too, but man, I can't even imagine the shit she went/goes through. And how would placing him in a fake HOF make her money?

      • wnwdotcom2

        Owen Hart's killers?!?!!? Give me a break. It was a tragic accident.

        • Rob

          I disagree. Sting went down a zipline/lowering contraption at least a dozen times with no accident. Why? They used a better locking mechanism and a backup clip as well. WWE went with a quick release type that uses only ten lbs of pressure to release. They wanted Owen to be able to unclip himself faster than Sting, who always needed 1-2 minutes to detach himself. The company was negligent, and tried shifting blame to the manufacturers, but it was their call to go with the items they chose. A judge agreed, hence the settlement they paid after his death. Notice I didn't say murderers, of course it was an accident, but they still were responsible for his death due to negligence. Of course that's just my opinion. And Martha's. And the laws.

  • Evil Kevyn

    I'm not sure if it's true or not but I've heard she wouldn't even let their kids watch Owen's old matches. I mean it was a horrible, horrible accident but by doing these things she's denying her family and the world for that matter the honor of watching the most underrated superstar ever. She should celebrate everything he ever did in the ring. It was what he lived for and obviously loved or he would have done something else. I just don't understand…

    • Matt Scott

      Didn’t Bret say that she stopped him seeing the kids and just went reclusive with them in an attempt to distance herself from the Hart family. If you marry a wrestler you must know the risks. Yes, this was a very unprecedented thing to do at the time but totally agree with you. This man left an incredible legacy that needs celebrating. The bit I don’t get is why when Owen passed away did she assume she could tell Vince what he could and couldn’t show?

  • stoney

    What I hate about Owen's death is that WWE continued the PPV after he died

  • @commishg19

    Owen can in the Hal of Fame now?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    right now because their kids are young she has say in what they watch but she knows (or should know ) full well once they are adults they can if they wish watch old matches of their father and she has no say in the matter then.

    I understand it was a horrible accident and she has right to be angry and pissed off..but she shouldn't be bitter for the rest of her life. at some point you need to move on and get past what happen.
    not allowing him to be in the HOF is not right at all. among other things she denying her family and the world.

  • Robert olley

    It was a tragic accident nobody can be blamed for it and I bet vince would gladly pay Martha royalties if she would allow a DVD or something to be made of his career or life. As somebody said above she can stop her kids from watching now but Owen is still very respected and admired and people still talk about him highly so they won’t be far from any of his matches.