Judge Grants CM Punk 2-Year Restraining Order Against His Mother

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TMZ is reporting that a judge has granted CM Punk's request for a two-year restraining order against his estranged mother.

Punk already had a temporary restraining order against his mom but the judge decided to extend it for two years. Punk also asked the court to ban his mother from attending WWE events but it's unclear if the judge granted that request as well.

As we reported Wednesday here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Punk originally filed the restraining order “due to repeated financial demands and years of abusive, harassing and threatening behavior.”

  • Simon Veitch

    Given the nature of this story and everything that has happened in the past between him and his mother, I believe the right choice was made here. There is only so much you can do as a son and when you’re talking about the person who pretty much wanted nothing to do with you until you were loaded with cash, that pretty much says enough about their character as it is.

  • sir-rusty82

    Make sure you cover all the stuff his mother lets out the bag now. Should be in for some juicey information (evil laugh) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Bob Cavicchioli

    It’s unfortunate for the guy. I can’t imagine having to take this step.

  • Nostaljack

    I’m waiting for the misguided bleeding hearts to show up here and boneheaded-ly take her side. ‘Cause, you know, all bipolar people badger their kids for cash. They can’t control it.

    • BIG M

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      • Nostaljack

        You won’t bother reading this (you clearly didn’t get it before) but I know several bipolar people in my life. My father is one of them. I know far more about bipolarity than you do. I asked earlier if you knew anyone who was and you didn’t answer.

        • Gage

          Don’t bother with “BIG M”
          I think he’s bipolar himself ;D

          • BIG M

            I am not that its your business and I don’t find that shit funny.

        • BIG M

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  • yappey

    Bipolar disorder doesn’t exist. It can’t be proven so therefore its pseudo science.

    • BIG M

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      • Real Talk Randy

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        • BIG M

          no your just an idiot loser making stupid jokes on a serious subject online pathetic.

      • yappey

        Depression disorder can’t be proven so it doesn’t exist. Checkmate.

  • Charles

    This would make a great angle. They could bring back Shelton Benjamin’s mom.