Justin Credible A Victim Of Home Invasion

Justin Credible was a victim of a home invasion on Thursday night. He and his wife were awoken by family members at their home in Waterbury, Connecticut, when they detailed the robbery attempt.

Apparently the robbers broke a kitchen window and went to a bedroom where his brother and nephew were sleeping.

The three robbers tied them up and told them if they made a noise, they'd be shot. The robbers then went to his parents' bedroom, woke them up and tied them up as well. The couple told the robbers they didn't have a safe so they took $5 from Credible's father's wallet and his mom's cellphone before exiting the house.

Click here for coverage by TMZ.

  • Harlie Boucher

    Gee, all for 5 bucks and a cellphone. Sure seems worth it.

    • Yeah major jail time for next to nothing. What idiots.

    • Winnipeg

      Hmm, I wounder if he owed someone a lot of money?

  • Kenneth

    All that effort and risk for five bucks and a phone? That’s just incredible.

  • Charles

    Justin Credible still lives with his mom and dad?