Justin Credible Also Pulled From "Extreme Reunion" Show, Photo Of An Unconscious Sabu, Why We Do Not Cover Independent Shows

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Last night's "Extreme Reunion" show from the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can probably be summed up by the following picture Tweeted by Justin Credible:


In addition to Sabu (pictured above) being pulled from the show due to what was reported as an "allergic reaction" to a medication he had been taking, Credible was removed as well.

Scheduled to face Jerry Lynn at the event, Credible was in bad shape backstage at the show and was asked to leave. He came back and reportedly begged for his spot but was rejected. Credible walked around the crowd before being escorted out of the venue.

…and people wonder why we don't cover independent shows.

  • Bob

    And people want to know why WWE watered down ECW….Lol

  • Steve l

    And Shane Douglas comments are given credibility Why? He promoted this show and badmouthed TNA and that was reportrd here. Shane has an awful reputation will never wrestle on American television. The high spot in his carreer was lieing amd screwing over the NWA when he won the title. Spitting on the belt held by legends. Any time you his words are on here there should be a disclaimer that they are highly suspect.

  • Dave Barton

    Sabu looks so much like his Uncle Sheik since cutting his hair.

  • Dangerous Lee

    It would be impossible to cover every independent show. There are thousands across the country every week and who knows how many around the world.