Justin Credible Contacted For WWE Network; Watch This Week's WWE Superstars Here

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- Justin Credible noted on his Twitter account that he's been contacted by WWE for work on the WWE Network.

- Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent in the embed code for this week's WWE Superstars:

  • Ken

    Yeah, because a big name like Justin Credible will really put the WWE Network on the map.

  • mjledesma

    Correction Aldo Montoya was contacted.

    • Craig

      Justin Credible worked for the WWE version of ECW

  • PhilT81

    Having Justin Credible work as Aldo Montoya would be like WWE hiring Sean Waltman to work as the 1-2-3 kid. I just want to see The Godfather work as Papa Shango again. Papa Shango vs Boogeyman anyone? Maybe he can put another curse on The Ultimate Warrior – I would pay to see that.

  • Bishop

    Good for Mr. Polaco. It wasn’t too long ago, this guy was one of the top wrestlers in the world…according to the PWI.

  • Whammaster

    Good for Justin, the guy has gone through hell the past few years, and its about dam time he finally gets something from it. If you dont know what this guy went through, then you really dont have a reason to shit on him.

    • Miss D Meaner

      Going through hell for a few years don't entitle you to anything in life.

  • mikey

    See, for a generation of people, Justin Credible is a jobber for WWE. But for someone like me who started watching ECW when I was 11 in 1995 and watched religiously every week, waiting for Saturdays to come so i could wait up and watch ECW on MSG at 1:00 am until they shut down, Justin Credible is an icon. His matches, promos, and charisma were as good as anyone in “the big 2”. WWE tried to make him somthin he wasnt, but Paul E. let him be himself anf he was REALLY over at a time when ECW fans weren’t accepting to new talent. That period of ECW will never be duplicated and this generation is really missing out. If you’ve never seen ECW Hardcore tv episodes from then go check them out.