Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd Forming New Tag Team

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Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd are forming a tag team that should appease many. WWE did an angle following their singles match on this week's WWE Superstars that you can watch in this video.

  • Fernando

    I like the team, now find them a nice team name.

  • Ricky

    Every time I get faith in the Tag Team Division I get let down. But it's starting to look good out there with tag teams. We have The Uso's, Ziggler and Swagger, Truth and Kofi, Reks and Hawkins, Riley and Watson, of Course Epico and Primo and now Gabriel and Kidd. All WWE needs to do is put these guys on TV that isn't Superstars or NXT.

  • Pizzaman

    That would be a good tag team

  • Zatch

    Would they be faces or heels?

    • Wilo

      I am guessing faces

  • H.M.

    I am happy. Will be satisfied if we see them actually develop as a tag team and not implode due to anything stupid.

  • Russell

    The international inmates

  • Stoney

    I hope WWE rebuild the tag division, give the belts some long lost prestige

  • havoc525

    Every team needs a combo/tag finish. Kidd hits some amazing kick into a 450?

  • Hunter

    Sounds like a good team, but will they actually be on TV?


    I want them to have a great team name now,and I also want them to win the World Tag Team Championships from Epico,and Primo:-}Nice tag team although:-}

  • hannah

    this is gonna be the new champions Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd