Kamala Having The Upper Part Of His Leg Amputated

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Kamala Jr. posted the following on his father's Facebook page:

Please pray for Kamala Sr as he is back in the hospital, they are having to remove the upper part of the same leg.


  • Danno

    I hope this will be the last of his surgeries. I hope he recovers quickly and lives a long happy life

  • George

    Poor guy. I genuinely hope for the best in this situation.

  • Ann

    Sending thoughts and prayers to Kamala Sr & family ….

  • Deepak

    Do Not worry God will take care of Kamala!!!!!!!!

  • Deepak

    Don't worrry God will take care of Kamala!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • mikki

    prayers being said and sent to kamala and family. sending a speedy and full recovery prayer to kamala sr.

  • Dave Barton

    Very sad to hear this. Kamala was a favorite of mine. Get well, big man!

  • Bertie

    Doesn’t need prayers…… He is a Ugandan giant!!! Get well soon!!!!

  • Mike

    That’s some sad news. Get well soon kamala!

  • [email protected]

    I remember when the Wreslter magazine came out with a cover that has Kamala on the cover with a bloody Hulk Hogan head on the end of his spear. You would not see that today. Get well soon big man.

  • jenny

    get well soon kamala diabetes has alot of complcations being diabetic i know what your going through