Kane A Babyface Or Heel?, No Confidence In Del Rio As Champion, The Rock On WWE TV, Babyface Miz

Is Kane scheduled to work as a heel or babyface?

Given the fact WWE has started a Kane vs. John Cena program it appears Kane is the heel (despite what I consider a mixed reaction on Monday). The original plan was for Kane to return next month in a program with Mark Henry although Henry was rumored to go babyface. Plans have changed a lot but right now, Kane is a heel.

Why is there no confidence in Alberto Del Rio as WWE Champion?

I can't explain the booking of Alberto Del Rio. The company has enough confidence in him to give him the WWE Championship but when they strap him, it's like everyone gets cold feet. Del Rio isn't the first worker to go over as champion only to be booked in this manner. CM Punk was booked almost identically for years; however, he became firmly established as a top guy this summer. My thought process is if you don't have enough confidence to give your champion clean title defenses, you have no business putting the title on them. It ends up devaluing the title and makes for very frustrating match outcomes.

Do you have any word on appearances by The Rock on WWE television before Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Vince McMahon said there were plans for The Rock to appear on pay-per-views (plural) prior to Wrestlemania. I expect The Rock to appear at either Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber and make appearances on WWE television prior to Wrestlemania XXVIII in April. However, I am against The Rock working in any shape, way or fashion before the main event bout.

Do you think The Miz would be a good babyface under his current gimmick?

The Miz would flop as a babyface with his current gimmick. His arrogant Hollywood personality fits perfectly as a heel on WWE television and has helped elevate him to the level he is currently working.

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  • Monty

    I think vince is testing what life would be like if cena was not all superman like. This PPV is on cm punk. Even though Kane will be wrestling as a heel what would be funny is that he will get a better reaction from the crowd than cena. Everyone dies not need to turn baby face MIZ is a perfect example of how a heel can be great. I am against you on rock wrestling he looked pretty damn good, I want to see him actually build up his feud

    • search4theyeti

      cena clears ring, rock surprise entry in rumble both take each other out.(or have him do a run in) santino or ryder come out and grab the mic.

    • tyrdea

      With you on everything but agree with Richard on the Rock not working. If he did, who does he face & if he loses, it devalues the WM match with Cena/if he wins, he makes the rest of the roster look weak. Last thing is that if he gets hurt, then everything for WM gets thrown down the toilet..

      • search4theyeti

        Cena has to be in the rumble. Might as well give the rock a run in! Hell he prob don't even have to get in the ring. Give him the mic and the distraction elimination ensues.

  • Ruck

    The Miz first worked as a babyface when he arrived and if got him nowhere. Look at a guy like John Morrison, when he was heel, he had a better personality, once he turned face he got blend and boring. Some workers are just meant to be heel or face. Although there are a few exceptions, like Christian can be great as either. Sheamus is doing a wonderful job as babyface although he was a terrific heel. Henry is better off as heel, that’s where he shines. CM Punk can work as either and will always shine. Kane was meant to always be a heel character because of his persona, the first time he went face he talked and that was the beginning of the end! Now as for John Cena…I have a feeling if he turns heel ppl are gonna start cheering him because he finally changed his persona, unless he did something completely monster like, like give a kid the AA. Lol

  • Jayson

    Are we sure that Kane is actually heel? It seemed to me that he was going to take somebody down when he came back. It just happened to be Cena in the ring after Henry bailed.

  • jerry

    Kane is too well known and his return with the mask was too highly anticipated for him to be a heel

  • Joe

    Hmmm i would stick to Kane as a anti-hero cause no one will boo him unless he goes after cm punk that will be great masked Kane vs cm punk at royal rumble for the wwe championship as for cena I think they should continue the story of the crowd getting to him

  • Owen

    I would never accept Mike Mizanin as a babyface, period.

    • Prprince


  • callum

    I honestly think Miz would be great as a babyface, obviously with some tinkering to his character and it might take a while to get used to but he still has all the potential in the world.

  • Jaryd

    I hope Kane remains a heel. Coming back as the menacing guy in the mask doesn't seem right as a babyface gimmick. I just wouldn't buy into it no matter how hard the crowd cheer him.

    • Chris_Storm

      I hope Kane stays exactly where he is, doesn't change a thing, and the fans decide who they cheer. Cena will draw most of the heat in this feud unless Vince pipes in heat on Kane and pops for Cena like they usually do. Those crowds aren't mixed, those pops are "assisted".

      • Bryan

        I like Kane a neither a babyface OR a heel…just sort of does his own thing. He could take out a heel and get cheered and he could take out a face and get cheered. I wish they would keep him sort of neutral.

      • Can you back that statement up? I'm curious to see if we have any evidence of that. I wouldn't be surprised if what you are saying is true though.

  • RatedMKD

    I think that Miz would make a terrific face. If he comes across half as personable on WWE TV as he does on the media circuit, he'd do a great job. His gimmick would need to be tweaked, all right, but I think he has it in him.

  • Ignas

    i thought Kane went after Mark Henry but he ran away. Kane chokeslamed Cena only because he was in a wrong place at a wrong time because Kane wanted to make an impact anyway

    • H.M.

      Yeah, that was my guess too. To early to assume that it's a heel turn.

      Heel or face I honestly can't boo him though, especially with the return of the 'old' Kane and all.

  • Brian

    So if the Rock is going to appear at another PPV, would a likely landing spot be in the Royal Rumble? He could always be the #30 surprise guy like they've done in the past? Just curious.

    • I'm half expecting him to win from 29-30, with a staredown with Cena in the event.

      They have billed him as unkillable and buried all who stand in his way, so why not hand the rock a royal rumble win instead of building up another performer

  • jdl

    They should push Kane as a monster and not worry about whether he's face or heel. Just have him cause chaos and destruction, bulldozing anyone and everything in his way regardless of their own alignment.

  • armando

    I think Miz should never turn babyface.

  • Ronnie

    So I guess if/when The Undertaker return he'll be on RAW to

  • Whammaster

    I still argue that Del Rio needs the JBL treatment, where he almost never wins a match cleanly, and just destroys the fans during mic time. JBL almost never had a clean victory, but when he lost to a babyface, it actually meant something. If Del Rio could get that reaction and heat, he would be an easy JBL.

  • Ken

    I bet you Kane wouldn't dare pulling a sneak chokeslam on Jack Bauer, like he did Cena!….any '24' fans here?

  • Jbreed

    The reason why ADR as champion never worked is because The WWE has a habit of sabotaging title reigns if the guy not holding the title isn't John Cena and Randy Orton. They're afraid to let anybody steal Cena's or Orton's spot as the top guys in the company. CM Punk may be the only exception, but then again his title reign hasn't been all too spectacular and he hasn't exactly made the WWE title exciting again like he promised he would.

  • Irish Noel

    When Ric Flair was NWA champion in the 80s, he rarely had any clean title defences. The four horsemen were constantly interfering in his matches. Does that mean they had no faith in him either?

  • Alex

    Mark Henry does not need to be turn face. Not with this awesome push he is getting.

  • oh and one more thing, Brandon, not on this show (damn it) but in general.Daniel Bryan, man. I don’t watch much of the eidins so I had only a vague idea of who he was when he came to wwe, but once he arrived he was not a tough sell for me. I have more fun watching the creativity he puts into every fluid sequence of movements, like a dancer, except his moves look like they hurt so I don’t mean that in a lame JoMo way. I would happily sit with a beer all day watching bounce around a field doing backflips and shit, and he would smell like lilacs and puppy breath. anyhoo. for the sake of those of us who are uninitiated, would you consider doing a one-off post listing off a few of bryan’s greatest hits? there’s tons of stuff on youtube but i don’t want to miss it if you happened to have been there at the lane bryant where chikara had danielson and punk in an unmissable 5-star 20-minute evening gown match. hell you could do this sorta thing for punk and del rio and vickie guerrero too. it could be a thing! mostly just, you know, write more please?