Kane Appears At Ron Paul Event; Relive The Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan Saga

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Kane At Ron Paul Event

Kane appeared at 2012 Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul's annual BBQ event in Lake Jackson, Texas over the weekend. Gage Skidmore took a number of pictures from the event, featuring Kane giving a speech, as well as meeting with Paul, Vince Vaughn, and others. Click here to view them.

Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan Saga

The official WWE YouTube channel has uploaded the recent series of matches between Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan. They are available at this link, or embedded below:

  • Nick K

    Kane is a smart man, Ron Paul was the only candidate that truly would’ve helped this country. Obama and Romney were two sides of the same coin. Everything people disliked about Bush Obama is doing worse

  • Dave Barton

    There’s some serious Superman/Clark Kent action going on between the personas of Kane and Glenn Jacobs.