Kane Attacks John Cena At Last Night's WWE Raw House Show

WWE continued where they left off with Kane and John Cena at last night's Raw house show from Fort Meyers, Florida. You can watch video of Kane's return on the road embedded in the video below:

  • Dave Barton

    If they’re gonna have someone attack Cena, I’m all good with that. But why would Kane be the one to do it? It was Mark Henry who put Kane out of action, so why should Kane want to take it out on Cena??

    • JBH

      Who wouldn't want to take it out on Cena?

      • vivalajady

        good call

    • Gary

      B/c WWE Creative is made up of ridiculously incompetent un-creative people, thats why.

  • Shea

    Who was Cena’s opponent??

    • Miz it kinda looks like.

  • Joe

    Maybe this storyline will be how Kane’s trying to make cena get angry…like cena well come out and forget about Kane and kanes gonna try to make cena go crazy or something like it

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I take it they are going to skip the Mark Henry revenge feud, That figures WWE's been doing that the last couple years. Aside from one beat down HHH never had a revenge feud with Sheamus and Nexus broke up before Undertaker Returned to get payback..

    i wish they would stop doing injury angles only to not finish it when they return,. Kane Returns from injury and starts to feud with Cena, he should have attacked Henry who put him out. Henry maybe feuding with Big Show but that should not stop Kane from attacking Henry when he returned.

    • HHHRedmonster

      Maybe he will "Thank" henry for breaking his leg and unleashing the inner monster inside of him.

  • MonsterMike42

    John Cena pretty much no sold a chokeslam and defeats the Miz moments later. If that had been on TV, that would have totally buried the Miz and killed all of his momentum. I agree with everyone else here. WWE needs to do a revenge angle before they start feuding with someone else.

    • XKonn247

      He hardly no sold. WWE pulls that crap with Cena on TV all the time… He takes a high impact move and recovers in 20 seconds… SUPER CENA!

      • XKonn247

        (Also, not a Cena fan)

  • Ilyas

    [I'm a John Cena's huge fan!]

  • Guy Landau

    There could actually be a very logical explanation as to why WWE would have Kane not take out Henry – Henry helped Kane's transformation. He said he wanted to go back to being a monster a little while before Henry took him out. Nothing happened with it and then Henry took him out, making him realise how weak he's become. now he's back to his old self and goes all Tabula Rasa on Henry's a**.

    • as much as i like overeem i would take vsalequez too. great wrestling and always stays calm. you know he is going for the takedown and then the ground and pound begins. if lesnar does beat jds i rather see this fight first. i really don’t want to see lesnar embarrassed again.

  • Josh Worsfold

    John cena's opponent was The Miz in a 'you choose the stipulation match' which was chosen to be a street fight.

  • Glen

    Mark Henry is a little busy feuding with Big Show at the moment. They have already done a revenge angle with Big Show and Henry, and personally I think it has gone terrible. Maybe they just don't want to go that way again.

  • Ryan

    Maybe Kane just hates Cena??

    • paul

      i hope john cena beat the hell at him