Kane Destroys Kofi Kingston, WWE Network Problems During Payback

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Kane Destroys Kofi

WWE did an angle involving Kane at WWE Payback where he came out and destroyed Kofi Kingston before his match against Bo Dallas could get underway. Dallas cut a promo before and after to sell the Bo-Lieve gimmick.

WWE Network Problems

For what it's worth, we were made aware of streaming issues with the WWE Network on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. I had a small issue in the Kickoff but my stream is running good as of press time. I am using an Internet browser to stream the show live on my desktop.

  • Cory Schneider

    My PS3 is pausing every 30 seconds. Won’t load video on my lab top. Only finished Rusev match at 9:05. Had problems last ppv as well. Couldn’t get video to play for 1.5 hrs. I used to pay for every ppv on Directv. If this keeps happening I might have to give up wrestling. Been watching for 30 years.

  • Jay Jones

    I got stuck twice during rvd bad news match but its been ok since

  • Taylor

    I had some issues with the stream locking up twice during the Cesaro v. Sheamus match, but other than that has been smooth

  • Cory Schneider

    It quit freezing for the last 2 1/2 matches. Just finished the shield evolution match at 11:40. I enjoyed the matches. I hope they can fix these problems. I want to love the network but the first part of this ppv and the first half of extreme rules were unwatchable do to problems. Glad it worked for others. Gives me hope.

  • David F

    Bo trying to get cheap heat with hawks pssh. Is it just me or does Bo look chubby in his ring gear he should join his brother and get Wyatt family gear to hid it. WWE can put Rusev and Bo on card but no Adam Rose at least that character has chance to be entertaining

  • Splat

    If I watch something on my PS3 that isn’t live it works great. If it’s live I just have better luck watching on my computer and do that.