Kane & Glenn Jacobs, Sting In The WWE Hall Of Fame?, John Cena's Role At WWE TLC, Undertaker vs. Triple H

Is it true that when Kane first debuted, it wasn't really Glenn Jacobs?

There have been fake Kane gimmicks used in WWE which has caused a lot of people to create conspiracy theories about the original Kane gimmick. Kane is portrayed by Glenn Jacobs, who had other gimmicks in WWE including a fake Diesel gimmick. However, Kane is portrayed by Glenn Jacobs.

Will this be the year Vince McMahon finally inducts Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Vince McMahon is not going to induct a worker under contract with TNA Impact Wrestling into the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE Hall of Fame is more of a promotional tool for Wrestlemania than it is an actual wrestler Hall of Fame. Even with the celebrity wing thrown out, several arguments can be made for workers that are in and workers that are not in. This can be expected because inductees are ultimately chosen by Vince McMahon after names are pitched to him from his inner circle.

Is there a reason John Cena has been left off the WWE TLC card or will a match be added at the last minute?

It appears as though John Cena is not going to have a match on the card; however, I look for him to be involved in the WWE Championship match in some fashion. I would be surprised if he did not appear on the pay-per-view at all.

What can we make of rumors WWE wants to do The Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII again next year?

WWE had Triple H name drop The Undertaker in a promo on Monday's Raw Supershow which has caused speculation to run rampant the two will face each other again next year. I have not heard anything concrete in terms of an opponent for Undertaker at Wrestlemania. There have been two matches announced for next year’s show - The Rock vs. John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs. the World Heavyweight Champion. Outside of that, plans can and will change several times and the only match I see as “untouchable” is Rock vs. Cena.

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  • smmorris729

    Let us not forget Glenn Jacobs portrayed Jerry Lawler’s personal dentist, Isaac Yankem, DDS in a feud against Bret Hart. Classic.

    • scotts

      i'm wondering if glenn regrets taking on that character.

  • Carl Badham

    Love Kane with the mask, and would be only fitting for a clash of the brothers of destruction for takers final wrestlemania… Whenever that maybe…cena heel please. The best in ring workers and characters can heel – face and back again.
    Taker, Kane, Austin, hogan, harts, rocky, Micheals, hhh, flair, and edge to name a few recent years. That said, cena, please, show us your worth.

  • Kst

    sting was wcw anyway he dose not deserve to shine in fame that he never actually got in wwe.. But he is a great worker il give him that him and flair in the 80s amazing matches

  • Patrick V

    Well yeah but he hasnt missed a single PPV for about 70+ months

  • Patrick_Peralta

    No matter who the Champion is I can't wait to see Daniel Bryan finally cash in MITB.

    • Da KiDD

      I can wait… That guy's boring. Go ahead… Give me a thumbs down!

      • Maze

        Dude watch Danielson in ROH and tell me if you still think he is boring. He has to dumb down his style because of the extensive travel schedule that he has to maintain. Danielson is one hell of a worker.

        • GODSENT83

          That’s ROH and this is WWE, he might have in ring talent but aside from that he’s too bland

          • Maze

            Thats the issue, a lot of people only accept the WWE style and therefore do not appreciate the other styles. ROH is the best wrestling company out there bar none. If there was a Ted Turner behind ROH and good booking and writers ROH would catch up to WWE,IMHO.

          • Michael Cole said he was bland, and the WWE writers have tried to make him as bland as possible. The guy has charisma and skills, i think he would get over a lot more if they didn't get putting him in rubbish situations and constantly running him down

      • The Breaker

        Cole….is that you??


      • Dindie101

        I love how original you are

      • Not a D. Brian Fan

        I gave you a thumbs up Da KiDD, because I agree completely. Even his entrance music is boring (that Ride of the Valkyries made me change the channel!)

  • @RatedMKD

    Perhaps Cena's being left off the card to see how Punk handles selling the PPV by himself? That's not to say that Cena won't be added, but if he's added at the last minute, after the PPV's already started, he's not really going to affect buyrates.

  • George

    Thanks for addressing the obvious in the Kane question in a mature and intelligent manner, Richard. But somehow I doubt it'll stop some of the other "conspiracy theorists" from thinking that the Kane that returned on Raw was the Undertaker, despite the fact he had no tats…

    • Ian P.

      Yeah I hear ya. But it did appear Kane did slim down a bit or could it just be from his new gear, plus the facial hair. But you can always tell it is him by the gap in his two front teeth.

    • J-Dub

      Kane was played by the Undertaker in the past. When the Kane character was originally introduced.

      • Brian

        That makes no sense…. Because when Kane was introduced he attacked Undertaker at Bad Blood 1997 in the first ever HITC match with Undetaker vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship

        • urnemystic

          no no hes right. Undertaker came out to the ring and tombstoned himself. I SAW IT!

      • sean

        yet another stupid Kane conspiracy theory

    • bettysteve

      l wish l could grow a 2 foot length of hair in 3 months, from bald. If it's some cream or lotion, would sell like hotcakes on the day after world starvation day.

    • Ernest Bethea

      George, do you realize what you have just written? Just because Kane is in the mask again doesn't mean it's Taker. Kane never had any tattoos. Those conspiracy theorists are vainly grasping at straws. But I have to agree that those same conspiracy theorists will swear a Big Red Streak that Kane really is Undertaker.

      • George

        Ummm I'm the one saying Kane isn't Taker. It's the guy who commented below me you're looking for.

  • Bryan

    John Cena has pretty much main evented every PPV for the last 5 or 6 years. It could just be the fact that he wants a break, just ONE PPV that he doesnt have to work. I wouldnt look into it so much.

  • DelawareBeachBoy

    for a few house shows and tv tapings before the Undertaker debut at Survivor Series , he was 'Cain, The Undertaker'

  • dani

    plz we don't need hhh getting undertakers rein let him leave undefeated he deserves that much HHH has enough

    • sean

      true but the streak should end as everyone will always be thinking when will he be back if there is not a definitive end and the streak being broken is the only clear way for that

  • Franz29

    I still cant believe how many people claim that Kane was potrayed by someone else, but always has in fact been Glenn Jacobs since Day 1, the only unknown at the time was Drew Hankinson aka; Luke Gallows who potrayed as the imposter and yet he couldnt even look as good as Glenn as Kane, that is why the whole angle was scrapped. Alot of people dont understand how hard it is to match Glenn Jacobs moves and actions in the ring, only Mark Calloway can move like Glenn but Glenn is slower than Mark Calloway aka taker, but anyways people will always keep claiming that Kane was potrayed as someone other than Glenn, Why do you think he was Fake Diesel? Its because Vince wanted Glenn to learn Diesels Style and Undertakers style, and when he was fake Diesel he dyed his hair dark brown and loss the mullet that he always had before the Isaac Yankem DDS days and before that.

    I can see Sting being in WWE Hall Of Fame even if he hasnt wrestled a single match for WWE, all because of his accomplishments in WCW and how much of an impact he made in the sport, and I do think he would except the invitation but under his own terms and most likely he wouldnt appear at WrestleMania just like Bret Hart when he was inducted. But like Vince Mcmahons famous words is that Anything can happen in the WWE (World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment).

  • Steven Mistretta

    I am glad that this is finally cleared up because I have been trying to figure out if Glenn Jacobs always played Kane or if Drew Hankinson portrayed Kane originally, around 1997. Personally I prefer the original Kane gimmick over the one now, the outfit, the mask, the hair, no vocal cords; that was perfect. The character now is a little watered down to me, not to mention what happened to the supposed burned face and now he can speak with his own voice all of a sudden, I wish they'd bring back the non-speaking big red machine.