Kane Hangs Up On The KiddChris Show When Former Gimmick Is Brought Up

There are certain things that can set a pro wrestler off and apparently mentioning Isaac Yankem is off limits for Kane. Kane hung up on The KiddChris Show out of Cincinnati, Ohio when his evil dentist gimmick of the 90s was brought up to start his interview to promote Saturday's WWE live event in the city.

You can listen to what happened in the player below:

If the player doesn't load, click here to listen now.

Joe Villa, who handles Talent Marketing Inquiries for WWE, was left in an awkward position after The Big Red Machine abruptly ended the interview. As you heard in the player above, one of the hosts said that was the first guest that's been "just a complete ass" and said "what a clown."

Richard Reacts: That was one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I'm not sure why Kane was so grouchy but that was epic! How about the Ric Flair impersonation at the end of that? Listen to this all the way through, you'll be glad you did!

  • Xavier

    C’mon Kane really bro? That’s a petty reason to get mad at someone and hang up on them.

    • Patrick

      it maybe a petty thing to do but not to him.

  • Thomas M.

    The radio guys were in shock for a good 10 seconds and didn’t know what to do. Probably better and definitely more memorable than the typical interview with a superstar.

  • Ric Flair impersonation is the best part

  • SweetCyn

    Certain things can set anybody off, mentioning Isaac Yankem to Kane, pulling out a cucumber for the Undertaker (I’m not kidding) or reminding Vince McMahon of WBF and the XFL. My point is, why would you want to piss off Kane? Even in a suit and tie he’s still very scary.

  • Mike Connors

    That was funny. All Kane had to do was ask not to have that mentioned and end of story. But nonetheless it was funny!

  • tommy

    i live here in cincy and the kiddchris show runs from 5am to 9am mon-fri these guys are great one of the dj’s, either “meat” or “dubs” does all the wrestling impersonAtions… he did the Flair u heard… but the best ever is when he does his American Dream Dusty Rhodes its SICK!! the main dj kid chris does a good Stone Cold they prank people all the time with the voices even other radio dj’s especially during oast wrestlemania seasons its classic stuff search youtube for it.. anyway the station is popular by far and is called WEBN they host the fireworks every year if u ever been around cincy for it its a major deal u can catch WEBN on iheartradio cincinnati, OH 102.7 fm the lunatic fringe!!

    • ZombieFrog

      Dude I’m in Portsmouth and I listen to it on iHeartRadio. Their Rhodes impersonation is spot on! One of the few great radio stations left!

      • tommy

        they love talking on-air about wrestling (mostly just wwe tho..) and i was on the other day thursday i think discussin who we think will induct warrior in the hoF and i said Sting, and that set up a whole diff subject, anyway u can call these guys on air they will put anyone on air 513-749-1027 just be cool or they wil rip u up lol their do lots of stuff on webn.com and twitter if u search for kidChris

  • Venom

    I wonder if there would be any heat on him. He was supposed to promote something and didn’t do that. Unless this is something Joe Villa was aware of and it’s something he’s supposed to tell the interviewers before the interview I think there should be heat on Kane. I understand his point of view as Isaac Yankem, Christmas Creature, Fake Disiel were probably low points of his career like Undertakers corporate ministry times (I read he hated it). Still if he was at a wwe event and the crowd chanted Isaac Yankem is he going to leave the ring and head to the locker room?

    • Rus

      Umm id say he gets paid abit more too be in the ring than on an radio interview

      • Venom

        Okay but isn’t Dolph Ziggler in the doghouse cause of the way he conducts himself in media interviews? Kane is representing the company by promoting live event, raw, smackdown or a ppv. Clearly that didn’t happen as he hung up. I understand his reason (to an extent). That’s why I’m asking if there should be heat on him from management for this incident. Not that anything people say will make the decision. It’s just a debate if he should or shouldn’t get heat for it.

        • Jimmy

          Tbh i don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way Ziggler acts in media outlets. He’s truthful and extremely entertaining.

          • Venom

            I’m not saying Ziggler is doing anything wrong. But there is heat on him from management. It’s funny cause after ziggler lost the title after his concussion I started noticing his honesty in media interviews. And this is when he was getting hot just before Daniel Bryan was. And I told my friend who’s a ziggler fan that I have a feeling things will start to go downhill to the point I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets released in the next year. While he might not get released, I was right about this going downhill for him. I find Ziggler, John Morrison and in a far distant Zack Ryder in the same category. At one point fans were behind them, but for some reason management isn’t that nobody misses there absence.

        • Rus

          Well then it might be a case of what Dolph Ziggler said, were as in Kane he didn’t say anything

  • David F.

    Every time Korporate Kane shows up at RAW everyone should do Isaac Yankem chant to piss him off. an Isaac Yankem chant at Wrestlemania 30 would be hilarious

    • Xavier


    • Winnipeg

      HAHAHA, I got 3 row seats for WWE in Winnipeg for March, IM gonna do it!

  • I think this goes back to the Live the Gimmick thing old school wrestlers did. As far as Kane is concerned he is Kane and Issac Yankem, Fake Diesel, etc. They never existed.It was funny to listen to but I think that’s why Kane got upset.

  • AB

    On one hand, it’s kind of a childish move by the hosts, who are obviously trying to goad Kane into flipping out or hanging up in a huff from the get go, with him ultimately doing the latter. At the same time, Kane could’ve simply feigned ignorance (“Uh, this is Kane. No idea who you’re talking about!”), preserving kayfabe while humorously playing off the situation with a bit of a “wink-wink” acknowledgement.

    Neither side comes off looking all that good, though it does leave us with a funny clip. Still, I do kind of feel for Joe Villa, who was put in an awkward spot and will probably be the one to cop the heat if there is any fallout from this.

  • John

    One thing not considered is… what if its a work to try and get heat on Kane?

    • tommy

      coporate kane doesnt say “dude” too much