Kane Moved To Raw

Kane's roster profile on the official WWE website has been moved to Raw. It appears that Kane will now be touring with Raw and appearing on the flagship show.

Click here to view the WWE roster page.

  • BrianHall

    He deserves to be on Raw, I don’t wanna see him and Mark Henry. Henry and Shows matches have been… sedating and would kill Kanes push

    • Alex

      But being on Raw won't hurt his push? Just ask Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk (the first time he won the world heavyweight championship), Kane's going to get buried under all that talent and he's going against Super Cena? Unless Kane can prove he's still the monster and go over on Cena I can't see this switch as a good thing.

  • Paul

    To work with cena maybe? So much for his revenge on mark Henry…

  • Dave Barton

    At least now we get a better look at the new mask…no red light shining down over it.

  • Brian

    Okay Nicola its not Undertaker dressed as Kane, are you stupid?? Undertaker is so much thinner than Kane…. Smh Glen Jacobs id still Kane and always will be smh

    • Yup very true ur a wwe fan not like Nicole who is dum

      • Nicola

        If this Kane does reveal himself, and it turns out to be the Undertaker then I'm gonna be the one laughing in all your faces and I will be on here saying I told you so.

    • Nicola

      Are you blind…I think you need to take a closer look at the footage again…because the Kane we saw on Monday Night Raw was not Glenn Jacobs…and you know what they say about stupid

      Stupid is as stupid does, and I know that the Kane we was was the Undertaker.

  • Hardy

    Granted there is a lot of talent on raw, but maybe it’s to do with tv ratings? Since smackdown has been doing better than raw lately :/

  • Nicola

    It's not even Kane…it's the Undertaker dressed as Kane

    • Chris H

      And where did the numerous tattoos disappear to?

    • Zebra182

      Ah yes, hea just had all his tattoos lazered off….idiot!!

      • Nicola

        Actually if you look closely at the footage from Monday Night Raw you can see bruising from where he has had skin grapheding operations…idiot!!!

    • Noah

      Why because of the beard? If you look closely in the Kane return promo you can see he has a beard when he looks in the mirror

    • Amsterdam

      Way to troll

  • Alex

    I don't want Kane to be on Raw, he's just going to get buried under all the other talent. Just as Alberto Del Rio.

  • George

    I'm a little disappointed. I kinda want Kane to get revenge on Henry before he starts his feud with the Cena and the other top stars. Here's hoping he'll at least attack Henry and Show at TLC lol

  • H.M.

    I can't believe people think that WWE will throw Kane under the bus because he is on Raw! The guy came back repackaged with new attire and a new mask interrupting a main event between Smackdowns WORLD CHAMPION and Super Cena; by far the biggest highlight of an otherwise dull show. And you think he'll be lost in the shuffle? Really? REALLY? If Kane vs Cena does happen there's always the possibility of Kane beating Cena so bad that he intentionally gets himself DQ'ed.

    WWE isn't that stupid to completely undermine someone they've been building up via promos for the past 4 weeks, especially someone whose gotten this much buzz. They know what a big deal the re masking of Kane is. He ain't gettin' lost in the shuffle as things stand. I'm pretty damn sure of that.

  • Jamie

    Dont put kane in the same bracket as ADR.del rio has done nothing in the business but win a royal rumble in which was handed to him.he dropped it at wrestlemania and now is a joke.i cant take him or the miz seriously.read batista's views on bleacher report.he says alot of interesting stuff.the miz will never go over as a heel as look at the size of him.unrealistic.same with del rio.atleast guys like kane and triple h can pull of a heel as they are big guys.kane will revel being on raw.hes the only credible heel on the show.

  • Ilyas

    Kane deserves to be on Raw,because a lot more people can see him more often.That's good he's going to Raw.

  • michael torres

    why is kane being transferred to raw instead of staying on smackdown where he should belong?People like him on that show.