Kane Returns To WWE Wearing A Mask (Photo Included)

Kane returned to WWE on tonight's edition of Raw Supershow during the main event of John Cena vs. Mark Henry, wearing a mask.  Kane came to the ring and took out Cena before removing a welder's-type mask and exposing the one pictured to your right.

The former World Heavyweight Champion has been off WWE television since July on requested time off.  In storyline, Mark Henry "fractured" his tibia, leaving him out at least "three months."  I was told this weekend the company planned on bringing him back and programming him with Henry to avenge his storyline injury once Henry completed his program with Big Show.

Kane's return comes as somewhat of a surprise as The Big Red Machine was expected to be held out until next month.  Plans for his return began to be pitched at the beginning of November.  The first idea was for him to return at Survivor Series then for Royal Rumble.  However, as I stated in Sunday's WNW Premium Mailbag, I expected Kane's return to take place on weekly television rather than a pay-per-view because the company had already been airing vignettes promoting his return.

  • Travis

    How did he grow so much hair in 6 months?

    • Joey


    • lukey

      It’s a wig. It’s always been a wig even in the old masked Kane days

      • Dave Barton

        No, it hasn’t always been a wig. He’s been unmasked a number of times before finally “losing” his mask to HHH and taking off the mask with wig attached. None of the earlier unmaskings ever had a wig attached.

        • lukey

          Thanks Dave I never realized 😀 I’ll never scoff at some more wrestling knowledge

        • BigMike

          he had some hair but not as long as the hair on the mask look at his :original " unmasking he had a little bit of hair on top but the rest was part of the mask like old Juventud and Psicosis

      • Travis

        That’s what I figured. I didn’t know it’s always been a wig though. Thanks!

      • snuggle

        No it wasn’t remember when he was issac yakem he had hair then diesel he had black hair he never had a wig until the decided to take the mask off and he cut his hair.

      • dom

        not always…at least i don't think so. recall summerslam 2000, meant to wrestle taker but brawl broke out before the match started. taker rips off the mask (including the straps which held it on. and he still had long hair.

        • Daniel Mathers

          and batista too had taken his mask off…

      • James

        Back in 2002,Kane had long hair but she shaved it off the night he had to unmask so its not a wig he had on constantly…..it was just for that one night.

        • Daniel Mathers

          It's he not she..

    • Alex

      Probably a wig, like it was when he first took the mask off in front of everyone. No way he grew the hair back that quick.

    • Alex

      I'd say a wig, which is probably what they are going to use until he can grow the hair long himself (if he even decides to). Remember when Undertaker was taking out at Survivor Series (with short hair) and came back at Wrestlemania. That was an even longer time than Kane and it still hadn't grown back all the way yet. It was long but didn't go past his shoulders like we were use to.

    • Michael

      It's possible to be the Undertaker or a wig

  • kbunyon

    That moment was just great! I'm thrilled that I was writing the RAW Results through Kane's return! Such fun!


    • snuggle

      Was that his real hair or a wig

      • alex

        its got to be extensions like what he had when they de-masked him cause theres no he grew that much hair in 6 months considering he was bald when he left

      • ken

        I vote wig. No one can grow that much hair in six months. Look at Undertaker in 2004. It was considerably short and took over a year and a half at least to grow to its current length. So unless he got extensions, Kane is obviously wearing a wig attached to the mask. Either way, the "real" Kane is back.

    • Dig Baddy

      Yeah seriously…Kendra, ur in to fashion and style. Can you grow that much hair in 5 months?

      • kbunyon

        I didn't say anything about Kane's hair other than it was long flowing waves. I never said it was HIS long flowing waves! Well, they're his in that they're attached to his mask.

        I ran across a recent picture of Glen Jacobs and his hair was about two inches long. There's no way he could grow out all that hair so quickly! Remember his brother's return as the Dead Man? He had a tiny bit more hair than the Beatles did when they came to this side of the pond! You work with what you have and Kane has had hair attached to his mask for years!

        I do wish I could grow hair that fast! I've struggled to get my hair to grow these past four years since I last shaved it all off. I know what it's like to be completely bald and deciding that I need hair. I just can't imagine how horrible it is to wrestle in a mask and wig like that. It has to be terribly hot!

        Make sure to check into my RAW Is Blogged for all of my excitement over the three hour Slammy edition of RAW!


    • Sebastian

      Yea I tryed to call it in that he was going to come back tonight but I didn’t find no where to sent it

      • Matt scott

        I find that hard to believe. Mainly because the great big “send news” tab us up top. I could say Rey Mysterio will return at tonight’s SmackDown! Doesn’t make it true!

        • Sebastian

          Are you talking on the iPod because I could not find it

  • Great seeing Kane back he deserves a main event push. Does this mean Kane vs Cena at TLC?

    • Alex

      Only if Kane goes over. Otherwise it'll kill the push of Kane's return.

    • Daniel Mathers

      Cena is Crap.. I'd rather want something like Taker eturning as badass and kane and taker forming B.O.D.

  • Joey

    As soon as i seen the fire go up on stage i knew what was coming!!! I even got up off the bed!!!! when they showed the video of him before the match at the very end of it you could hear a whisper and i thought i heard it say tonight

  • George

    As a life long Kane fan. That was the biggest Mark-out moment of the year for me.

    • H.M.

      I'm in the same boat brotha.

  • t_rev87

    That was nuts…kinda reminds me of "Leatherface"'s mask from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Cant wait to see the little details of the mask when he has a match.

    • Matt scott

      I was thinking that!!

  • Mike L

    Rob Zombie Approved!

  • Jv

    Gotta be a different guy, who grows hair that fast. Toughts?…

    • Maze

      If you remember the last time he removed his mask there was fake hair attached to it. There is your answer.

    • FreddySal

      Called a wig.

  • Justin

    It's not Glen Jacobs you can tell because this guy has facial hair and the face that you can see in the mask is different…back when he had the mask it wasn;t Glen JAcobs either.

    • George

      Uggghhh not this theory again. Besides that horrid program with what eventually became Festus and Luke Gallows, Kane has always been Glen Jacobs!

      • Daniel Mathers

        Just coz glenn (now) is nothing compared to masked kane(in body build and size) ppl. think he is not masked kane But he had an operation due to which he had turned out like this…

    • Gary

      Kane always used to have facial hair. Watch any video from before he unmasked, especially when he tilted his head back for the big pyro. You could see he had a reddish beard.

    • Big Jim

      dude, i can shave on sunday and have a that much hair on my face by tuesday. doesn't mean that it's not him

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Kane has allways been Glen Jacob thru out Kane's career. and it was Glen Jacob tonight when Kane returned,. I;ve been a Kane fan since his debut as much as I've been a Undertaker fan and Kane is Glen Jacob.

      some fans thought the outer mask looked like fromt the Predator movie.

      • ShanND

        At least it wasn't a beglittered Storm Trooper's helmet.

    • lukey

      You’re wrong, it was glen Jacobs Back when he had the mask, he has had storyline imposters though

    • Michael

      It was Kane in the old days most of the time sometimes it would be someone else but this time It dosen't seem to be this guy looks way to thin regular Kane before was 325 pounds and had a gut this guy looks alot leaner like 290 I think it's the Dead Man himself

      • Daniel Mathers

        no way deadman (face cuts) but not glen either..

  • his hair grows fast. thsnks rogaine

  • Wwe is awesome

  • Jeff

    That did not look like the Kane we all have known. The walk, body, chin, jaw and movement did not seem like the Kane we have known for years. The character Luke Gallows played Kane’s double before and why wear a mask when he hasn’t wore for ages. Something to ponder over.

    • Gary

      Pretty sure it was Glenn Jacobs. The smirk he gave the camera as the show went off the air was 100% him. As for his physique, give the guy a little credit; something this big with the fans, he probably worked out like a beast to look as good as he could before he came back. If it's his last run like some keep saying, he'd wanna go out with a bang I think.

      And the hair….yeah thats probably a weave or extensions or something like that. Lol, as someone with pretty long hair, I know it doesn't grow that fast.

    • SEAN

      Just look beyond the mask into his eyes- it's him.

    • SEAN

      Ponder it a bit more Jeff.

  • Frenchfry

    Im 100% sure its a wig people, he used to use it in the same way with his old mask. I assumed more people would have known this o.O

    • Chris

      I'm amazed how few people remember the hair coming away with his mask! Its unreal!

      • jon

        actually, the hair when he had the mask was his own, only on the night when he unmasked was it a wig, as he had cut his hair especially for it. Now it is a wig you can see the clips on the mask that hold the hair in place, who knows whether he will try and grow it again so as not to use a wig.

  • Gary

    Wow, so glad the mask is back. Seems like such a little thing, but it really does make a difference. Kinda disappointed it wasn't the full mask, but hey, the guy's gotta breathe. Still, even the partial mask will do the trick of bringing back the sort of senseless, mechanical kinda feel Kane's first incarnation used to have. If they play it right, and don't have him talk much (at least for now) it'll bring back those memories of that unfeeling colossus that didn't need any logical reason for chokeslamming half the roster at a clip. Just my two cents.

  • _wwecraz_

    Look closely at the photo they have at WWE.com. It's not Kane at all. It actually is the Undertaker! He has his beard, his hair, everything just look at the detail

    • Matt scott

      Oh shut up!!! Even JR insulted you goofs on twitter. It is NOT Mark!! It’s Glenn Jacobs! TAKER HAS TATTOOS !!!!!

      • Revenge Riddim

        That is the real Kane / Glen Jacobs because his eyes are two colour …

    • jim

      where did all the tattoos go if its undertaker

  • Tired

    Thought he moved and looked like the undertaker myself.

    • Lee

      It's kinda hard to look like the Undertaker without any tattoo's on the arms

    • SEAN

      Shame on you.

    • jim

      if its undertaker wheres tattoos

  • James

    He kinda looked like Predator

    • Josh in MN

      yes yes yes, before he took of the welders mask. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christopher525

    Seriously people? Claiming it's a different person, pathetic. It's Glen Jacobs, plain and simple.

  • smmorris729

    I was kind of hoping he would keep the War Machine-like mask he had on over the black and red mask. Still cool to see angry masked Kane back.

  • Ralphus

    I can't believe a bunch of grown men arguing about if his hair is real or not!!!

    That is, if any of you are in fact, grown! Just be glad that Kane is back!!!

    • SEAN

      That's RIGHT Ralphus!!!!

  • jordan

    Definitely looked like taker… looked at it over and over with my wife and we both agreed, if you look in the eyes and at the mouth i could say with 100% certainty that it was taker, then i even 2nd thought it cause there were no tats, however upon careful observation you can see some reminents of ink on his left arm, and they can do some excellent laser removal these days, just cant always get it all.

    • Maze

      Good lord dude, its the real Kane, the Undertaker would not remove all his tats. I actually am good friends with Paul Bearer and believe me its the real Kane.

      • Chad

        I'm also good friends with Paul Bearer and we were talking about Kane coming back last night. He almost didn't but I texted Vince and told him that Kane had to go out there and choke slam John Cena.

        • SEAN

          I smell BS!!

    • Chris

      Then I also suggest laser work for you and your wife…on your eyes

      • SEAN

        Thank you Chris!!!

    • SEAN

      Laser's can ALSO fix BAD eyesight!!!!!!

  • Hurrdurr

    Good lord. Some of you think that it's someone else beneath the mask? "DAT NAWT KANE CUZ KANE WUZ BALD!" or maybe something along the lines of, "THAT'S NOT KANE! HE'S WEARING A MASK.. AND HE HAZ FACIAL HAIR! WTF!" So, in the wrestling world, no-one ages, no-one grows/loses hair, gains/loses weight. Right. Gotcha.

  • Rhobert

    It was the UNDERTAKER!!!!

    • dennis

      Undertaker is at my house drinking tea when Kane returned!!

  • guest

    It looks just like the undertaker same hair same goatee same eyes

  • matt k

    That return was one of the absolute coolest moments in recent WWE history. The little 12 year old inside of me who remembers his debut as Kane…oh man. WWE did a great job with this one

  • Nickel150

    i was think that it could possibly be undertaker again because of the beard but i know undertaker doesnt have that kind of body

  • Kane-a-night fan

    He's never had a hairpiece attached to his mask until he unmasked in 2003, and that was done just to make it seem like he lost some of his hair in the fire. So I'm sure he's wearing the hairpiece now until his hair grows back out.

    But it was awesome seeing him back with the mask on. But I knew he was there when I saw his ring Pyro set up.

  • matt perry

    It looked more like undertaker then it did kane…i know i know he didn't have his arms covered..nothing a little makeup can't fix….and I don't know if since the last pics of kane it looks like he had more weight then that…he looked to skinny. that smile resembles the smirk taker gave hhh last february last year. he was wearing undertaker like upper body attire, and it would explain the hair..it looked like it was somewhat braided…taker sometimes does that.

    • Chris

      Undertaker was bald around the time of Vengeance this year…so that doesn't explain the hair

  • matt perry

    It looked more like undertaker then it did kane…i know i know he didn't have his arms covered..nothing a little makeup can't fix….and I don't know if since the last pics of kane it looks like he had more weight then that…he looked to skinny. that smile resembles the smirk taker gave hhh last february last year. he was wearing undertaker like upper body attire, and it would explain the hair..it looked like it was somewhat braided…taker sometimes does that.

  • Immy

    Truly glad hes returned with the mask, I think the WWE needs more twisted characters to keep the suspense, PG is dead! Bring back first blood and inferno matches!

  • ronnie

    its not luke gallows, he had tattoos on his arm if i rememebr correctly

  • Dave

    Lol at people saying its not Glen Jacobs!! Omg of course it’s him!! It’s him with a beard, hair extensions and probably hair attached to the wig! He’s trimmed n toned a bit over 6 months and looks awesome! Nice to see masked Kane back! For the long time fans who remember Isaac yankem they will see the similarity with the beard. Love the new mask too!!!!

    • FactionZer0

      Yeah, if Glen Jacobs decided to take a break and come back a few months later, damn straight he better be losing weight. I think he himself even knew he was becoming a lazy fat piece of garbage.

  • sean

    It’s not a wig…it’s a completely different person overall

    As Jeff mentions everything’s different about him, most noticeably his body and face – he’s much more slim and has a leaner face, almost undertaker-ish

    I’m glad to see this change though, they even brought back the gloved chokeslamming hand !

    • Dominus

      It’s the same guy. Go back and look at the pics of his original run with the
      Mask. Get real people!!!!

    • Matt scott

      I saw a mask. Not a face.

    • Robert Wood

      yes because people do not grow beards or lose/gain weight in 3-4 months of course not…

  • Kane as a Heel…. Hell Yeah!!!!

    • H.M.

      I doubt his run as a heel will be successful, due to the pops that he'll receive. I'd say it was more likely that Kane was sending a message to Mark Henry

      • Agree having read what happened off air…. Personally I'd like to see him rip through the faces and heels as a dominant monster.

  • Charles

    Ok, if it was The Undertaker…where have his sleeve tattoos gone? Also don’t care about hair extentions, wigs and whatever else people seem to be getting excited about. Am i the only one who is just plain excited to see Kane back, and with the mask? It was clearly Kane (Glen Jacobs) and not some imposter. Great return, really came out of nowhere, even with the vignettes, really caught me off guard.

  • Dave

    It’s glen Jacobs you idiots lol

  • Risen Devil

    Been a fan of pro wrestling for 37 years or longer. Been a fan of the character of Kane since it first came to be. He has been (not in the knowing public eye) portrayed by at least three different people. And the man tonight was not the one Mark Henry put out in story line. If you think it is you should invest in hi-defination and maybe some bi-focals. I called a friend of mine to confirm my suspicians. He has acess to f.r.s. programs. He confirmed it. The comparison on the chin structure only came out 93% no match and the eyes were different as well.

    • BS ALERT.

    • sean

      I agree with Steven your full of it

    • Matt scott

      This is the best lame comment this site has ever had. A bs hall of fame should be entered and you inducted first. And by “not publically known” here’s three people who’ve donned the mask. Glenn Jacobs, Mark Calway, Luke Gallows. Do I get a cookie?

    • Matt scott

      Calaway. Damn autocorrect.

  • mathew30

    im 100% sure that isnt glenn jacobs, the whole body including his face looks different.

  • James

    See! Bringing back mask Kane still has some mystery! Is it really Glen Jacobs? Or is a FAKE!! lol

  • Jason

    he grew a beard like before i believe it's not real hair i think its a wig

  • Jason

    i jumped up for joy they said he was going to return as a heel with his mask so he burnt the old mask and now has a mask thats all red it was AWSOMEEE I LIKE THE NEW KANE

  • Sam

    Everyone is wondering if it is a wig or not, in 2011 there was a photo on youtube of Kane growing his beard and hair back, the hair was pratically shorter then when he last removed the mask in 2003, so yes it is a wig, as for the mask back! It is one of the best moments of the year, as for where the WWE is planning to go with it due to the fact he had no mask for atleast 5 years is going to be where I ask my question? whats the motive of the mask?

    Stil though it looks bad ass! 🙂

  • BigMike

    u could look in the face the parts u could see and tell it was Glenn Jacobs his masks always had hair attachments and before when he was masked Kane he had a beard and he is a natural redhead so it was always a redish beard just look at the face for a sec and it is OBVIOUS it was the real Kane for storyline purposes there have been imposter kanes and they always had a different outfit when Gallows and UT both played kane they had their arms covered like the outfit kane wore in the inferno match

  • Steve

    It's Glen Jacobs ook at his eyes.

  • Sean

    Fiest things first it was Glenn Jacobs.. JR even twittered that right after the show went off..the man lost weight over the past 5 months.. He has had beards in the past also..next Glenn has always played Kane no one else.. That’s has been confirmed multiple times by Glenn himself

  • Omar

    I think it’s Rey in a different mask. Think about it. Rey was there. Switches masks. Boom! 619 becomes Kane. Also, their left elbows were almost identical.

  • Terrance

    Okay, after the failed "imposter Kane" from before, do you think WWE is really THAT stupid enough to do another fake Kane?

    • MonsterMike42


  • Roberto

    These people are stupid or what? First of all Taker has tattoos all over his arms up to the shoulders. Second of all, anyone (men) can grow beard, so don't you think Jacobs just let it grow? Finally New Masked Kane has the same nose shape and lips shape than unmasked Kane. And why on earth they would include a whole new wrestler last night when in the promos is clearly Jacobs who appears in?

    • Matt scott

      Not just men. My gran sports an incredible beard.

  • Dave

    Hooray Roberto that’s right!! U actually paid attention unlike some “fans”!!!

  • mark

    It's Batista.. minus steroids. Laser Tattoo removal.

  • FactionZer0

    When the pyro went off, I jumped up off the bed and my GF freaked the out. I'm just like, "YES! MY BOY IS BACK!" Glad to see my favorite wrestler wearing a mask again :D!

  • Dave

    Go Kane!! Causing controversy already!!!!

  • Synyster

    I love that welder mask he had on and shut up about his hair it doesn’t matter if it’s a wig or real just be glad we have the masked Kane back

  • Michele

    It’s Chris Jericho

  • Jamie

    Can’t believe some are saying that this is the undertaker …

  • carl

    undertakers skin is darker than kane

  • andrew

    hardly the undertaker, what about the tattoo's ?

  • It was Kane it was extensions as he wrote on his page! The plan was royal rumble but HHH didn’t wanna wait it was at the right time to get a good heel in! And his mask is more over forehead cause hairline is to far back but it’ls glenn Jacobs not taker

  • Chopper

    Anyone else think its hornswoggle????????
    Maybe just me then haha
    Who cares who it is lets look forward to some good tv

  • MonsterMike42

    I love how lots of people are debunking the Undertaker theory saying Taker has tattoos and Jacobs does not. How about the fact that Undertaker has permanent damage to his arm and he can't physically do Kane's movements to summon the pyro? Last year when Undertaker tried to do it to get in Kane's head, he only brought his arms about half way up.

  • John

    If you actually thinks that the returning "Kane" was infact Undertaker then obviously you've never seen Undertaker before! I mean if that was Undertaker then he must've spend alot of money having his tattoo's removed! Even the smile at the end when he removed the mask was classic Kane!

    Hopefully Kane get's a monster push over the next few months before Undertaker comes back then they can battle at WrestleMania! This is likely to be Taker's last WM & i have heard Kane is near to retirement so it's only fitting that they have one final match.

  • Reading over comments saying he was fat and all guy had what close to 6 months ppl lose weight & slim up good like big show he loss weight and look at mma I see fighters go from 245 to 205 in 2 months or less so to clear that up it was Kane (Glenn Jacobs) like I said in a comment!! Just look at older Kane pics it’s him just his mask is shaped diff it’s the new mask that gets ppl asking is it him??? Yes it is

  • Shawn

    Umm Taker has tattoos so it cant be him it was Glen Jacobs

  • Hello

    Kane's padless face

  • Patrick V

    It was Mark Calloway

  • Ilyas

    Kane's an awesome WWE wrestler,he's so entertaining.I can't wait untill he gets a match.

  • It’s Glenn Jacobs aka Kane how can it be taker?? Explain that also in his dark match after raw with Kane I watched he moves the same &all he just lost alittle weight and slim down a bit he did have 4 months to grow hair just enough for extensions and time to tone up look at this pic just image a mask on Kane it matches http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&a

  • Dark match vs Henry *

  • SEAN

    All of the people that don't believe that he was the real deal, well- they just aren't true followers. I am a true KANEANITE and can't wait to see what happens next. "!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    • Matt scott

      What the hell is a Kaneaite?

      • FactionZer0

        A fan of Kane. He used it back in 03-04 or some time around then.

  • hashim rahi

    original hair????????

  • randall l

    it's glen not undertaker, undertaker has tatts

  • You don’t know what a kaneanite is?? Just gotta be a true Kane fan to know and well said Shawn well said!! He started to grow his hair right after the attack by Henry 3-4months of growing can get you from bold to just enough hair to pull extensions and enough time to slim down and lose alittle weight! Like look at my comment from before the link I posted just image a mask on the face it’s Glenn Jacobs also ppl saying it’s taker not a chance it’s him!! taker inform the ppl he still recovering he will be back soon but that’s Kane folks. Also jr also said it’s Kane!! Ik ik it looks like taker chin but Kane has the same chin in away and the smile was kanes at the end.

    • SEAN

      Thank you man!!

  • Yuri

    I want him to bring back his fist mask and outfit this mask sucks im completely dissapointed i mean yea its good seeing him with a mask but if this is his last run he really should have the old mask.

  • Reason he doesn’t have old mask due to breathing issues it was really hard fir him to get air to his lungs he said! But idk about you all but I like is new look!

  • Tomo

    It is about time that something that could actually generate a storyline was brought back into the WWE.

    Kane in his mask again AWESOME!!!

  • christian kals

    hay im a nine year oid and i know alot about masked kane glad he back holla players

  • d.evans

    They had 3 different guys play sin cara. I knew something was odd cuz their roll into the ring was different. So im not 100% sure that kane with mask is really kane either. Im glad kane is back and love the new image. Assuming it is him

    • d.evans

      Just watched Raw. I compared a pic of kane with the kane on raw and the noses were identical so it IS the real kane.

  • Kyle


  • BobbyBuster32

    haha you guys sound like you want Kane to unmask again just to prove that it isnt or is Glenn Jacobs? well you don't need to, and the reason why he looks kinda like taker is because of the angle of the Camera at the time, also the mask is inteaded to make him look kinda like taker because they are storyline half brothers, and once you hear the voice and the way he walks as well as his sadistic smile and the space between his teeth and his loud angry paranoid Voice is 100% Proof that it is Glenn Jacobs. And just by looking how his leg jigs when he is throwing someone to the to the Turn buckle, he does the same way when he debut and after ripping the Hell In A Cell cage, when he slammed the ref into the cage you can see his leg jig, that is proof that Glenn Jacobs has always been Kane all along, so you guys just need to get over your beleifs and just appriciate that Kane is still whooping a$$. Also to note, when Kane returned and debut his Half mask in 2003 He was in the same size as he is now, and it took a few months for him to gain a little bit more muscle like in the 98, but who knows how much he could do since tearing his arm before he returned in 2003.

  • Jimbo

    It wasnt the normal Kane. He wouldnt have changed his chin and teeth, This was another man.

  • BobbyBuster321


    Like the saying goes, a Picture explains a thousand words or something like that, If you don't think its the same Kane than you need your eyes checked.

  • guest

    dumb asses, kane is and always has been glen jacobs,with r without mask.just look at any picture of kane through the years and you will notice the same gap in his 2 top teeth.oh and hair is a wig.

  • marockomole

    Not even sure it is the same person, looks different