Kane Through The Ring, Cesaro In Limbo, Batista A Bigger Draw Than CM Punk?, Enough From Undertaker

I was wondering what you thought of Kane coming up from under the ring on Raw? He's done it before recently to Zack Ryder unsuccessfully, so I thought this time, he'd actually capture Brie. Why do they recycle this with the same outcome?

The first thing I thought about when Kane came up through the ring on Raw was Abyss recently doing it in TNA. So many readers accuse TNA of biting from WWE, I just found it funny. I realize "WWE did it first, so technically…" In this business, there's a lot of recycling and it's not a huge issue to me but it does provide ammunition for people to use against a particular promotion. The point of Kane "coming up through the ring" was to push the monster renewed headed into his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules. I actually think if Kane had "captured Brie," there would have been more intrigue headed into Sunday but apparently a kidnapping angle is not something the company wanted to do.

Jack Swagger has no lost twice to Cesaro and it only seems to be burying him. Do you see them adding a new member to The Real Americans?

WWE moved forward with these Cesaro/Jack Swagger bouts to provide a payoff for the underlying tension that was teased between them in the build to Wrestlemania. One thing that’s plaguing Cesaro is the fact his character is in limbo following the pairing with Paul Heyman. Heyman is one of the most hated men in the business (due to his Brock Lesnar association) but WWE teased a Cesaro babyface turn for months. Now, Cesaro is with Heyman and the crowd doesn't know how to react. I'll argue this is the reason for Rob Van Dam's insertion in the match at Extreme Rules. WWE isn't concerned with burying Swagger as much as they are elevating Cesaro. I don't know of plans to add another member to The Real Americans as of this time.

When you get down to it, what do you think accounts for the obvious but egregiously misguided fact that Triple H thinks Batista is/was a bigger draw than CM Punk?

The situation is complex and involves more than just Triple H's opinion of CM Punk compared to his opinion of Batista. Obviously Hunter and Batista are closer than Hunter and Punk but then again, there's more to it than that. The initial plan for Wrestlemania 30 was to do Punk vs. Triple H and Batista vs. Randy Orton. Who's getting screwed there? Not Punk, not Batista but Daniel Bryan. Since Punk bolted WWE, everyone has been trying to "think for him" and make accusations based on conjecture. It's not completely unfounded conjecture, however, we still haven't heard from the man himself. Until Punk explains what happened, we really don't know. Punk is a huge star and solidified his status as such three years ago, however, as we've seen, WWE is bigger than any one name. Can we even say Punk "stuck it to WWE" by bolting?

When Undertaker decides to retire from wrestling, do you expect WWE to give him a proper farewell as they did with Ric Flair? I believe Taker has been around long enough to deserve that treatment.

There are new comments out on Wednesday that Steve Austin made to Power Slam magazine where he thinks Undertaker's match against Brock Lesnar [at Wrestlemania 30] should be his last. I thought that was pretty much a given based on the streak ending, however, I was told just days after [Brock vs. Taker] that was actually not the case. My source informed me there was still a chance of Undertaker working the show next year in a match against Sting. That would provide the payoff for a "proper sendoff" that you suggest. At the end of the day it comes down to Undertaker's health and desire to work again, something I gave up on guessing a long time ago. Undertaker remains in the same year-by-year situation he's been in for a while and until he says differently, all we can do is wait.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2011: Why did Gail Kim leave WWE? - Gail Kim was unhappy and frustrated with the way WWE pushes their Divas. She made a scene with her WWE departure, eliminating herself from a Divas battle royal and got heat for it from John Laurinaitis. Gail’s three-year WWE contract she signed in 2008 was up in August and she knew she had an opportunity with TNA Impact Wrestling without a 90-day non-compete clause. Gail left TNA in 2008 because of a better financial offer from WWE.

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  • Good News Barrett!

    In my view its pointless having Taker vs Sting now. The streaks over so doesn’t appeal to me at al;l any. If he was undefeated still I would have been more interested. I would ahve have put a younger guy over like Dolph Ziggler who is so under-rated over taker. That would have elevated him so much higer.h Lesnar will be gone in next 3-5 years so what’s the point?

    • Austin

      I’m actually more interested in the sting vs undertaker match now because with takers loss, now this match is completely unpredictable. If undertaker remained undefeated at wrestlemania, it would’ve been obvious that taker would beat sting at wrestlemania 31 (if they’re still going through with that match) Now Imo I don’t understand why everyone is obsessed with ziggler. The guy is fantastic in the ring, but he really has no character. He’s just another boring good guy. He needs a good gimmick! Then he’d probably get over with the audience and he’d get a push but as of right now, I see no point in pushing him.

      • Chad

        Completely agree with your point about the fact that the loss actually helps a Undertaker vs. Sting match. As a result the buildup would no longer just be built on the streak and be “just another challenger”, instead it can be focused on two icons stepping in the ring together for the first time, and as you said it keeps the outcome unpredictable.

      • Gary Robert


    • Gary Robert

      Why would it have been more interesting? Sting wouldn’t have ended the Streak so that aspect of the match doesn’t really matter. Its the simple match-up of these two guys that matter.

  • jdl

    Yes, they can say Punk stuck it to the WWE by bolting. He was in the top three merchandise sellers, and that would have been millions of dollars over a whole contract. By simply leaving the company he not only slowed his merchandise sales, but it is now harder to justify making more as he’s not there to promote the products and get people to buy them by appearing on the show. Even if the company has moved on, even if the rise of Daniel Bryan overshadowed Punk’s departure they still lost one of their top merch sellers. That’s not something you can replace no matter how much you want to. You can’t just insert someone into that position as even if they are successful and their merchandise starts to sell, you’re still missing sales from Punk. Money is still lost.

    • Robert Olley

      And thats why vince tried to get him back and punk was having none of it. I know none of us know the facts but what punk did by walking out was inconsiderate. We all get stressed and sick of our jobs thats why we rake holidays but we dont just walk out and keep radio silence.

      • Gary Robert

        and keep radio silence, lol.

      • Robert Olley

        Cena got time off not long ago when he was getting divorced and this was because he was told to,bryan got time off just weeks ago when for his wedding,taker do i need to explain the undertaker? there are dozens of examples

        • Bob’s Diner

          Huh? Cena never got time off at all during his divorce – it wasn’t until he was injured.
          I don’t even remember what I originally wrote… someone had fun deleting all my comments before blocking me on here

  • Robert Olley

    I honestly think taker wouldnt pass on a match with sting as they are both icons and know the fans have wanted it for over a decade

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I think Punk stuck it to himself. The Wyatt’s ,Shield, And Daniel Bryan stepped up to the plate and took up the slack. IMO the show is better and has better material to work with especially with the Wyatt’s. Maybe WWE is starting to understand you’ve got to have more than one star at a time. I would rather watch the Wyatt’s than Punk. Their characters are evolving and I don’t have to listen to feel sorry for me I’m the best in the world every week.

    • realityera2k14

      For me personally cesaro stepped up when punk left,all the above mentioned were already somewhat being pushed ,but since punk left hes gone into another gear and i can see him taking punks spot..

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        You’re right. I hope they don’t kill his momentum by pairing him with Heyman. I don’t know what was going on behind scenes but even Randy Orton has stepped up. It seems like there has been a change in attitude since Punk quit. IMO it seems the workers are having more confidence in theirselves

    • Snap

      But that is based on the assumption that Punk’s decision to leave was to, in some way, “stick it” to WWE. There was talked that he was burned out and banged up and not particularly happy and with the reports that Vince even offered Punk a spot in the WrestleMania main event failing to lure him back, it doesn’t sound like it is such a simple situation.

      Of course, as has been said, we won’t know what those reasons are unless Punk decides to go public at some point.

      I am definitely in favour of WWE having a roster of talent willing and able to step into a star position when the opportunities present themselves, so I would certainly welcome the development and maintenance of multiple main even stars as opposed to a single “face of the company” mentality.

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        I don’t care why he left or who’s fault it was. I just don’t miss him

  • Venom

    I think they should put Evan Bourne under a mask and call him The Real American Patriot. He’ll have to tone down his high flying move to be a heel but so be it. Maybe bring the high flying moves after when it’s time to reveal who he is and have him break away. Too bad he screwed up with the 2 wellness strikes back to back.

  • Malboja

    With regards to cm punk one of the things that made wwe great back in the day was wcw taking the already established stars …. Hall,Nash,rick rude, hogan ,warrior etc
    This forced wwe to run with new up and coming stars
    Something that wwe has any had to do since and I believe as a fan we suffer for it

  • Gary Robert

    Punk didn’t “stick it to WWE” or have any intent to. He admitted as much back in the June 2011 promo when he even said something along the lines that he is just a spoke in the wheel of the giant McMahon machine. IT will continue to go on without him or anyone else. He knows that. He left for reasons of his own of which we don’t know.

  • kavon

    What if undertaker turns corporate and join the authority and sting comes to wwe and try to turn him back to his darkside ways like he did with Hogan a few years back before bound for glory and the match is made at WM 31.

    • Robert Olley

      Only if they do it the same way were he was silent for a year or so it was one of the best story lines i’ve ever seen

  • Good News Barrett!

    So if Sting not beating Taker was so guarenteed as some have suggested what makes you think this won’t be the same thing? For me the match is now pointless.

    As for Ziggler being over-rated I think thats not true at all. He has been buried for a while but still gets over. He also such a good damn wrestler and can play a face or heel very well. It wasn’t just Ziggler, even Cesaro or Roman Reigns ending the streak. Imagine how much that would have done for some up and coming talent instead of a part timer liKE Brock Lesnar who wont be around for long in my opinion

  • John

    I’m glad you brought up the Abyss angle at Lockdown.. I find it extremely amusing that everyone completely bashed TNA over that storyline yet nobody wants to say anything when WWE does the exact same thing!

    • Robert Olley

      Thats because the undertaker did it back in 1996

      • John

        What does that have to do with anything? Every storyline or angle in wrestling has been done a thousand times before. The Kane angle was stupid because nothing came of it.. It was 100 times worse than Abyss doing it at LockDown.

  • Jay El Bee

    Punk was a bigger draw than Batista, that’s news to me.

  • Stephen Heim

    The fact that CM Punk has been silent is kind of a shock. But since his contract is expiring in a couple months, I wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly starts going off on the WWE after it does expire.

  • joesauce

    regardless of intentions from both sides its more accurate to say wwe stuck it to punk, Punk leaving was the reason wrestlemania was one of the best in years and punk not only made it better indirectly by not being involved, he also didnt get to be a part of the show which in my opinion any worker regardless of era or star power would have seen being a part of this years wrestlemania as a dream

  • monty

    Punk’s merchandise sales are still top 3-5. I know you know more than all of us Richard but as someone who has watched wrestling for past 26 years now, i believe this is just gonna turn into work. When Punk comes back he will be bigger than before, and notice i said when no IF because its only a matter of time

    even in the leaked RAW Scrips it said Punk(Injured). He wanted to take time off all last year and did so for about a month, but he was brough back because WWE needed him. I believe he is just taking it easy and will be back by summer slam if not than WM31 for sure(i say summer slam because WM31 is still a year away)

    all of you saying we could careless about punk well who the heck cares IWC makes up for such a small number of wrestling fans that we actually don’t matter. Punk is a legit Super Star and VInce understands that. Why yopu think he offered him a main event spot for WM30 than?

    but than again i could be 100% wrong and he is done for good. It just seems weird to me that a guy who could barely keep his mouth shut and even got in trouble for saying stuff now hasn’t said a single word. Also he is still being sent his paycheck along with merchandise sale bonus

    • Robert Olley

      I somewhat agree it’ll be like a few years ago when his contract was about to run out and he resihned another one.

      • monty


  • Lebron James

    Paul Heyman got a huge reputation hit when he wasn’t able to elevate Ryback and Axel. I hope he can help Cesaro get to new heights because so far, it’s done nothing.