Kane & His Wife Selling Insurance At The Jacobs Agency

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Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) has a plan when he retires from the ring and it's not politics. Kane and his wife own an insurance agency in Knoxville, Tennessee called The Jacobs Agency. The following screen capture is from their official website:

Click here to visit the agency's official website.

  • Scott Davies

    I think I remember way back that Undertaker was in real estate a while back. Could imagine him selling a house

    • Thomas M.

      “The master bedroom overlooks the ocean and if you open the windows, a gentle sea breeze will blow in. I guarantee that if you buy this house you will rest… in… peace…”

  • Dustyn

    No fire insurance Kane? Come on now!

  • King A sshole

    Undertaker sells houses, Kane provides the insurance… Brothers of Destruction Inc.

    • Michael

      More like Brothers of Construction

  • The quebecquer

    i would be scared that he chokeslam me thrue a table when trying to negociate the price ah ah ah

  • jman72485

    That’s awesome! Looks like he’s got his future set. The question is will he give out chokeslams to new customers?

  • pmpstarscream

    mmm doues he sells dental insurance too? =D

    • vickie’s lover

      ha ha ha ha ha

  • FactionZer0

    So if I call that number I get to speak to Kane and/or his wife? Sweet.