Kassius Ohno, Heyman/Cesaro, Part-Timers Returning, Cena, Punk’s Time Off

I attended Wrestlemania Axxess and felt Kassius Ohno (f/k/a Chris Herro) was more over than Mark Henry. Why is he not on television?

Kassius Ohno is another top developmental prospect working in NXT Wrestling and is on a short-list for a future call-up. Ohno recently had a match against William Regal that aired on the April 11th episode of WWE NXT. You can read more about it at this link.

Do you think WWE should put Paul Heyman with Antonio Cesaro?

I am sure I speak for the IWC masses in that a Paul Heyman/Antonio Cesaro pairing would be epic. In fact, why not take Cesaro, CM Punk, Kassius Ohno and Daniel Bryan and put them all with Heyman? A faction with the WWE "outcasts" would be awesome but we do have something similar in The Shield. I talked at length about Cesaro here in the WNW Premium Mailbag. In it, I pondered if Cesaro dropping the US title was a demotion or a promotion. Listen and join the discussion at this link.

Are there any updates on WWE bringing back Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam or Batista?

There is no update on Steve Austin returning to WWE as of this writing. Many speculated a Wrestlemania 29 match against CM Punk but it obviously never came to fruition. Rob Van Dam is kayfabing over his contract status as we have the latest update on him at this link. I talked about Batista possibly returning to WWE at this link.  WWE has clearly changed their stance on part-time talent and is willing to bring in workers under deals with limited appearances.

How is John Cena perceived backstage?

John Cena is perceived just like any other worker. Some people like him and others do not. As with anything that has success in this business, he receives unwarranted hate but it's understood he's the top guy. For those that doubt his stroke or influence, did you see what happened with Ryback's Twitter account? Ryback Tweeted about Cena's ex-wife only to end up deleting all Tweets. Coincidence?

What's the latest on CM Punk requiring time off?

CM Punk is taking time off to rest his beaten up body. There was a situation that emerged after Wrestlemania where he actually threatened to quit WWE. We have full details now online at this link. As for time off, he's not on the current overseas tour but is advertised for the April 29th episode of WWE Raw from Columbus, Ohio.

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  • Speaking of CM Punk I thought some of you might like to see this (from his DVD):


    So the next time you complain that WWE never gave “us” CM Punk/Daniel Bryan at WM 27 keep in mind that they did, but it was CM Punk that said NO (NO, NO, NO!) to the idea.

    How on earth could CM Punk have said no to this match with a guy that he says is “better” than him in the ring? Could it be that CM Punk doesn’t really think Bryan is worthy of wrestling him at WM? The Miz put Bryan over and went on to bigger and better things. CM Punk wasn’t willing to even work with Bryan. For all of you Punk supporters just remember this. 🙂

    • It wasn’t the idea of not wanting to work with Bryan, what Punk was saying in that video is he felt he should of been in something bigger at WrestleMania. Implying something along the lines of a main event spot. Remember Bryan wasn’t as over then as he is now. I agree that Punk wrestling Bryan for the US title would of been a IWC dream but at the time it would of been a step back in the progression of Punk. Remember he just returned from injury and took over as leader of the New Nexus and was wrestling Cena.

      • Dangerous Lee

        Wouldnt a feud with Bryan for the US strap been a bigger step up then a match with Orton at mania?

        • TheBigKing1

          No not really. Because it was 4 main eventers on Raw at that time. Cena/ Miz Orton/Punk..that was the second main event…well somewhat.

    • Don Tonberry

      I agree with the guy above me. I think he denied it because Daniel Bryan was just a midcarder at that time and Punk was fed up with and wanted to be in the main event already. Besides WM 27 is long gone & we’ve seen Bryan/Punk a few times now. This was something rather random to point out.

    • The Breaker

      But, you do remember that they gave us amazing matches at both Over The Limit and Money In The Bank last year.. right?

      • Your missing the point. CM Punk rejected the idea of working with Daniel Bryan at WM 27. As if it wasn’t good enough for him. But who the heck was CM Punk at that point? This was pre-pipe bomb. If he thought that highly of Daniel Bryan he would have accepted the opportunity to work with DB at the biggest stage of them all to steal the show. But he didn’t. CM Punk needs stop patronizing Daniel Bryan.

        • The Breaker

          I don’t understand how you can presume to know so much about why Punk didn’t agree to the proposed match. All you’re doing is filling in the gaps with half-baked assumptions to support your pointless anti-Punk agenda. Being able to read and discuss others’ viewpoints is a great thing, and I encourage anyone to give their take on whatever topic comes up. That said, if you have nothing better to do than to get under people’s skin just because they like a particular wrestler, then I suggest you keep your comments to yourself.

      • Chris

        Punk rejects and bitches about everything, If anyone else did this noone wold be defended them bit becuz its cm punk its okay smh

        • TheBigKing1


    • TheBigKing1

      You dont have the full link listed

  • I like Ohno and Cesaro. That’s why I hope they distance themselves from CM Punk backstage. CM Punk’s method of helping guys below him actually hurts them — just ask Cesaro. Punk wore his shirt at WM weekend and all of sudden Cesaro loses his US Title.

    • The Breaker

      Cesaro was going nowhere fast with that US Title long before that press conference. They had been piling him up with losses for weeks at that point and he’d already lost most of the momentum he gained at the start of his run.

    • Matt

      Why the hell do you always rag on CM Punk? Are you that fan he punched in the head?
      Do you even see the hypocrisy when you tweet? You bleat on and on about how everyone should love Randy Orton but anyone who happens to be a Punk fan is wrong? You’re narrow minded. Punk and Danielson came up together. They wrestled indies together. So what Punk didn’t want a US Title match (that, of you remember wound up on the pre show). He was gunning for the big one a mere three months later. Get over yourself and stop hating constantly. And if you aren’t going to do that stop telling everyone else who they should and shouldn’t like.

      • I called it right when I saw Punk wearing that Cesaro shirt that it would be bad for Cesaro, and it was. CM Punk tries to help people but it he always does it in such a douche manner.

        • Ya I bet you did. Having the benefit of hindsight had nothing to do with it. And by the way, stop constantly posting the same thing about that video clip that you keep taking out of context. Whether you post it as a guest or under Justin Lal, we all know its you and it’s getting annoying. So give it up.

        • Nostaljack

          We don’t know that yet. You (like many) are just guessing at this point. This might not be bad at all.

      • Xavier

        So its okay for Punk fans to rag & hate on Cena, Miz, HHH, Rock, Orton & Sheamus but he can’t rag on Punk?

        • -|AZ|-

          As Adam Sandler may say, “You don’t mess with the Messiah” 😛

          • Xavier


        • Matt

          Re read my post. At what point did I say that? At all? I like Miz, I like HHH, I have a tonne of respect for John Cena. Orton I hate due to his backstage attitude. “Oh Punk whines and bitches and complains”. Yea, he does. Orton shits in handbags, smokes marijuana in the backstage areas. trashes hotel rooms and constantly breaks Wellness. Sheamus was a much better heel than he is a face. As a face he’s fallen into the mundane and boring. So don’t jump to conclusions, think he’s my “Messiah” or any of that crap. At the end of the day this Justin Lal guy clearly has a vendetta against a man who doesn’t even know he exists and needs to get his head clean out of his ass. and to -[AZ]-, the second you quote Adam Sandler you really lose.

    • John

      For as talented as he is, Cesaro dropped the US title because he hasn’t gotten over as a heel, nothing to do with CM Punk.

    • That is spheres punk puts talent over he did in ecw,he did with the ses, he did with daniel bryan,he did with cesaros shirt. Just because a wrestler loses a match or title doesnt mean they arent getting put over. Bryans popularity soared after wm 28 abd losing in 18 secs

    • -|AZ|-

      Cesaro didn’t lose his title ‘coz Punk wore his shirt!!! Cesaro is finally on the verge of getting the push he deserves. Stay tuned and your baseless theory will be proved wrong…

  • Jamie

    Did he actually threaten to quit? or did he “threaten to quit” to get what he wants?

    • TheBigKing1

      Hmm…propably the latter

  • Unknown

    And how is Chris Hero more over than Mark Henry

    • TheBigKing1

      That guy was just being a d*ck. Chris Hero has a lot of fans. Mark Henry is a heel. They probably was excited to see Hero. No need to compare the two.

  • For all you people that says we are in the PG era, I say, no! We have embarked on a new era, a much bigger era, the era where workers can come back work a limited schedule and win championships in the process. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the PART-TIME ERA!

    • Xavier


    • Sadly their part-time pays more than our full lifetime. =(

  • The arbiter

    I would like to see “The Heyman Family” come into being. Heyman really could run a good sized stable ala Bobby Heenan. He has the mic skills to get people over and I like him as a weasley heel manager.

  • punk show off….shit