Kassius Ohno Likens WWE Release To Current Stars, Remains Optimistic

Kassius Ohno left WWE on good terms after being under contract for 21 months. In a blog entry we plugged on Monday, Ohno likened his release to that of Claudio Castagnoli (now working as Antonio Cesaro), Colt Cabana (the former Scotty Goldman) and the two WWE releases of Daniel Bryan. Ohno said if it's meant to be, he's sure he'll be back.

Ohno was released from WWE last Friday. I spoke with sources close to Ohno and sources at the WWE Performance Center and have more behind-the-scenes information regarding his release at this link. If you are not yet a WNW Premium Member, you can signup now at this link.

  • jdl

    He’ll have to grow up a little first before such comparisons will be valid. The fact that he was canned at all when he was getting such praise backstage for being one of the top developmental prospects at all is due to his own lack of cooperation with requests from management.

    • JJ

      If he’s doing his job, and adequately, like he was; the management has no right to tell him to change his body and image by building on more muscle by hitting the gym. He has been a great athlete and there’s no reason why every athlete has to be a roid raging freak, sometimes just a good athletic body is best.

      • thepowerserge

        I completely agree. If memory serves me right, Shawn Michaels didn’t exactly fit the WWE “image” back in the day, yet he’s looked at as one of the greatest legends in the business. Guys like Hero, Punk, Bryan and Castagnoli neither look like the “face of WWE” nor do they NEED to. Some of the people, Vince especially, need to grow up and realize that we’re tired of the same cookie cutter bullcrap.