Kayfabe Daniel Bryan Update

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WWE sent out a "breaking news" kayfabe alert on Daniel Bryan's health on Tuesday evening. The update stated Bryan was "diagnosed with a cervical cord neurapraxia" and he's currently resting at home.

The biggest thing of note is that Bryan is expected to work next week's Monday Night Raw in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Bryan was not actually injured on the show and the angle was likely done to give him the rest of the week off due to the death of his father.

Richard Reacts: It's interesting WWE listed neurapraxia as Bryan's "diagnosis" as it was side effects from this that ultimately ended the career of Edge.

  • Padres4life

    I know the segment was moved to the beginning of the show even though it was supposed to close, but I wonder if Bryan was supposed to get beaten down the whole time? Because if he was supposed to get beaten down, then him missing Smackdown this week was the plan the whole time, so in theory he’s not really missing time that he wasn’t scheduled to miss.

    • zach v

      well actually he is because he was scheduled for weekend house shows which guys would normally make regardless of storylines especially since they hinted he would be at raw and now he is missing those so he is missing scheduled time

  • John

    Why does WWE feel the need to actually kayfabe a real-life diagnosis for an “injured worker” when we all know it’s a work? Just say he is not in attendance due to the beating he took at the hands of Kane.. Fans aren’t stupid, I’m sure we can all use our own imagination.