Kayfabe Zack Ryder Injury Update

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As the storyline goes, WWE claims Zack Ryder suffered "a herniated disc" after being chokeslammed by Kane on last night's Raw Supershow. The official WWE website notes that Jerry Lawler's claim that Ryder sustained a "broken back" was a result of working off "unconfirmed reports." WWE.com goes on to note Ryder "remains hospitalized."

In reality, Ryder is not injured but this is all part of a storyline also involving John Cena and Eve.

You can read the kayfabe update at this link.

  • @RatedMKD

    Herniated disc, broken back, whatever it is, it seems to be an injury that'll keep Ryder out of action for at least a short time. The optimist in me is hoping that he's going to come back in time for WrestleMania with a tweaked, more serious character and regain the US Title from Swagger at the big event.

  • Why Kane why?

  • JakShowtime

    I suppose this means Eve's horrible acting will be highlighted even more the next few weeks

    • MonstaHeel 450

      Heh Heh…. "And the Oscar goes to………."

  • Ricky

    Anyone else hoping this plays a part in a Cena heel turn?

  • thatguy

    Yea i'm sure they probably noticed very fast on how long it takes for a broken back to heal and back peddled very fast

  • Eric

    Yea they are playing this off so much that they cancelled his appearance at New Orleans comic-con this weekend. We bought dual VIP passes for Zack and Kelly Kelly and was notified today that “due to unforeseen circumstances Zack will be unable to attend”. Now we are offered the same deal for $15 less but with half the special pics, photo ops and autographs. This is not a WWE sponsored event but yet they pulled him from this.

  • Leiws

    So no Long Island Ice Z this week then

    • Alex P

      Well if you mean Z True Long Island Story…It will just be CHI True Long Island Story this week.

  • kristen

    Eve`s acting last night was unbelievably horrible. I couldn’t believe it.just goes to show how bag the divas have gotten

  • sami

    One thing I can say I noticed last night was something about the old John Cena… For years Cena has been this guy who stays calm and fights… and goes through hell… last time I saw for the first time since he kicked into the DR of Thuganomics the old gimmic of "RUTHLESS AGRESSION" which was by the way the first line he said on his debut against Kurt Angle. Kane has turned him into hate… storyline to carry out until Rocks return, so when Rock does return either the fans will begin to like Cena, or they'll hate him so much that they ll have no choice but to turn Cena Heel for the match against the Rock! (Although I do not think he will ever be a 100% heel due to his repect for the troops and the audience but he ll make us hate him more!)

    • Gary

      Cena will be the hell against Rock regardless of anything he does from now till then. Rock will simply be ridiculously over him no matter what. Just like Hogan was over The Rock when they met. No matter how they weaved the story of Hogan being a huge heel with the NWO return, and everything he did, it was simply the fact that the fans loved his return and the Rock got no cheers from that crowd at all.

    • Ryder yes, John maybe not so much. I was thinking the same thing hinavg Ryder actually get dragged into the hole, then John would have rushed over to help but before he reached the pyro would go off with John being knocked back landing on his ass staring at the hole like O.O end show. Next week Ryder comes back as a heel sporting´╗┐ a wicked set of trunks or pants or whatever with a creepy mask of his own. Also they should add some better details in Kanes mask

  • Aniyah

    So is this all the IWC is? A bunch of people complaining all day everyday? Well this sucks. Its so sad that some of yall have nothing better to do with your time than bitch about everything.

    • Gary

      and you're complaining about the complainers…welcome to being part of IWC

    • Blazeking

      HINT: People on the internet are real people. There's really no such thing as an "IWC".

  • chopper


  • Megan

    Kane and eve suck