Kelly Kelly & Stacy Keibler On Ballot For This Year's Maxim "Hot 100" List

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Kelly Kelly and Stacy Keibler are both on the ballot for the fan-voted "Hot 100" List put together by Maxim. Last year, Kelly Kelly appeared on the cover of the December 2011 issue of Maxim and was #82 on the previous Hot 100 list.

Click here to view the ballot.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Hurray for Kelly Kelly

  • jdl

    Somehow I doubt Kelly Kelly's placement on last year's list was legitimate. She's not unattractive, but she's got a bit of a horse face and from what we've seen the personality of a turnip. I know Maxim is pretty much soft core porn, but personality really should factor in. Keibler is only not it because of Clooney.

    • [email protected]!

      Keibler has made part of the list for the last three years, so Clooney has nothing to do with it. If she makes it, it'll be her fourth year in the list.

    • Ilyas

      Oh,come on,you’re just jealous of Kelly Kelly’s great looks.She should have been #1 for this year’s hot divas.Me,and my cousin like her,and so does everyone else that loves the WWE.

  • Hunter

    That’s cool. I’d rather see Layla, Maryse, Velvet, or Tessmacher make it though

  • @ease9310

    Kelly Kelly should have been #1 for the "Hot Divas"this year,because my cousin,and I like her.

    • MPXTheChoice

      Oh really? Is that why? Well that clearly will be the deciding factor.

  • Rennie89x

    lol me and my cousin like her.. Enough said