Kelly Kelly Taking Time Off From WWE

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Kelly Kelly will be taking a break from WWE and is now accepting bookings through an agent outside of WWE. The former WWE Divas Champion requested time off due to burn out and her request was granted.

There are many in the company that believe she will not return although she remains under contract as of this writing. For information on booking Kelly Kelly, you can contact Heidi at [email protected].

Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent word that Kelly has changed the description on her official Twitter account. You can view it below:

Barbie Blank/Kelly Kelly, WWE Diva, MAXIM Cover Girl and 100 Hottest Women. For full appearances/endorsements please contact Heidi at [email protected]
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Note from Richard: I apologize for the delay on this news as I have been out of the office since Wednesday due to the birth of our first child. He and Kara (my wife) are doing great, everyone is just trying to get caught up on sleep. Ask WNW will resume on Monday.  Thank you for your patience and for all the kinds emails, text messages, Tweets, Facebook interactions, etc.  It is all greatly appreciated.

  • billy


  • haley

    great to hear how you're wife and kid are doing richard.

  • chelu671

    TBH, I would have barely noticed her missing from in ring competition.

  • Dangerous Lee

    That what happens when you hire models.

  • Alex P

    Glad to hear you, the wife, and your new child are doing well! Congrats!

    As for Kelly Kelly, I'm not surprised. This is a 25 year old girl who has been basically going non-stop with the WWE since she was about 18-19 years old (2006 she started in OVW). While I don't think she is the best female wrestler by any means, the WWE has really worked hard to improve her over the years. I'll def miss her and I hope she rests up and returns someday. Until then I'd like to see another diva be able to step up (hopefully one of the in-ring talented Divas).

    • Msuth

      She certainly has been “going non stop” since she got into ovw 😉

  • amaanakter786

    Many congratulations Richard to you and kara!

  • Jitters84

    Richard many congrats!!! Will you be posting name and info? — I think the little guy needs an old school hulk onesie 🙂

  • The Dude

    Congrats to you and your wife, Richard!

  • Rstar

    Congradulations Richard, it is very good news!!!

  • Frankii

    Yes yes yes! I probably wouldn’t of noticed her not being on raw but anyway glad to hear she’s not going to be on for a while.
    Also congrats to you both!

  • Cyn

    Congrats on the kid!

    As for Kelly, thats some of the best news I've heard all week!


    Congratulations Richard! I have three kids myself and enjoy fatherhood. What a great fathers day present for you!

  • Msuth

    Richard, congrats in the birth of your son. Being a dad is the greatest feeling in the world.

    I’ve been blessed with three girls over the years and have now been neutered like the dog I am (wife’s words lol) as she cannot deliver anymore.

    When I dreamt of having a son I always wanted to get a pic of him with a mini winged eagle across his tummy!

  • Thumpa

    She must be really tired from all those 1 minute matches and running the ropes like a G.O.A.T. Good riddance!

  • Doc

    Congraulations to you and your family Richard

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  • PainOfDemise

    Never really cared for her anyway. Between her screaming like Vickie whenever she did anything in the ring and her subpar ring skills. I'll not miss her.

  • Hunter

    Holla holla holla, she wasn’t good at much, but she was damn sexy

  • christopher525

    She got the Shamrock deal, permanent hold on the contract? Weird that they still allow that.

  • Guzzie1984

    Congratulations Richard, enjoy the time with the wee one because they grow up so quick,

    As for kelly, well shes not been relevant for a while so let her go do her own thing,

  • Ryan

    Am I the only one upset by this? She's great eye candy and has worked her butt off. I'll miss her big time if she doesn't come back.

  • Tony P.

    She can’t wrestle anyway. All this time she’s been in the business and she still hasn’t learned. Nothing but a female John Cena. I won’t miss her and she is not sexy.

    • Mike D

      AMEN!!!!!!!!! I share the same sentiments

  • tone

    Congrats Richard!!

  • eric

    Guess dats why there ben no divas matches who cares congrats enjoy your time with your family

  • Jg

    Congrats 2 u n ur family Richard

  • Mike D

    CONGRATULATIONS to Richard and his wife Kara.

  • Mike D

    I’m glad there will be no more Kelly Kelly (AKA the John Cena of the Diva’s Division)

  • MonstaHeel 450

    1st: Congrats to you Richard. Glad everyone's ok… Hope to know the feeling someday.

    K2: Translation: "Nothing much left for me here for now. Right now A.J. 's the star of the Diva's show. So i'ma takin mah ball and goin home. Call me when or if Kharma comes back. C-yas".

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  • Danny

    Love how no one cares about Kelly Kelly and everyones commenting on richard. Congrats to you and your wife Richard