Ken Anderson Didn't Like The Multiple Character Switches In TNA Last Year But Happy With The Way Things Have Gone

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SLAM! Wrestling has a new article online featuring quotes from a conference call with Ken Anderson where he promotes his match on Sunday against Jeff Hardy at TNA Sacrifice. In the piece, Anderson discusses his multiple character turns last year. Below is an excerpt:

"There are things I wish could've been done a little bit differently," he said. "I probably wouldn't have chosen to make the switch so many times. I think last year I turned four or five times, maybe. It was a little hard for me to wrap my head around, but things have changed."

He also had some good things to say, which were evident in this quote:

"It's the wrestling business, you never know what to expect," he said. "You never expect anything and I came to learn that pretty early on in my career. They say believe half of what you see and none of what you hear in the wrestling business and I think that's pretty true. I've been pretty happy with the way things have gone in TNA. There's always room for improvement and I always look back at every single match and I don't recall a single one in the history of my career where I've sat back and said, 'That match was great, I love that match.' There's always something I'm critical of and I think you'll find that with most actors, athletes and most people who are just competitive in nature."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.


  • jdl

    He's happy with being a guy TNA gives a moderate push to every three months and then forgets about for the next three months?

  • Msuth

    Why did he leave WWE?

    That's not me being a WWE mark. I genuinely want to know what happened

    • chris

      On his return match at Raw,he botched a move on Orton and apparently both Orton and Cena went to management and complained about him being unsafe and he was promptly released.

    • Richard McG.

      IIRC, he basically gave Randy Orton a Backdrop Driver ala Dr. Death during a RAW 10-Man Tag where all participants wore basketball jerseys. Someone went to management and said he was too reckless and he was released the next day.

    • Richie

      Long story short Cena and Orton said he was dangerous to work with in the ring.

  • Kevin

    McMahon was looking for an excuse to get rid of him anyway. He was a rebel; he didn't always do what he was told to do, and if the writers had his character doing something he didn't like, he voiced it. McMahon is all about doing things his way, so if you buck that, you won't work for him very long.