Ken Anderson Discusses Decision To Go To TNA, Working As A Pro Wrestler, Current State Of The Product

Arda Ocal of The Baltimore Sun has a new article online featuring quotes from Mr. Anderson to promote Friday's live event in Aberdeen, Maryland. Below are the highlights:

Decision to go to TNA, working as a pro wrestler:

“It took a while [to decide to go to TNA]. It was not one of those things that I couldn't wait till my 90 days was up so I could jump over. It was like nine months, almost a year, where it was talked about a little bit. At that point, I was kinda not done with the business but nice to step back and take some time off and re-evalute and figure out what I wanted to do. ...

"I always wanted to do something in the entertainment industry, if it was acting or something in show business. When I found wrestling I was like, 'This has got everything that I like.' It's got showmanship, it's highly athletic and highly competitive. We are a scripted television show, however it is a very competitive business and it's one of the most competitive things I've done in my life and I have played competitive sports before. It is just as competitive as legitimate sports. People just don’t understand that -- people don’t ever get a chance to. We don’t peel the curtain that far back to let you in. It is an extremely competitive environment.”

Current state of the product:

“I really like where the product is going," he said. "We don’t sit around and talk and pat ourselves on the back. ... We are our biggest critics. You have a lot less criticism floating around in the locker. [The wrestlers] are happier now, they're happier with what they're doing, they're happier with their story line. Nothing is scripted like it used to be. The thing that drives me nuts is when someone hands you a script and says, 'Be yourself and say this right here' -- exactly the way that I have written [it].”

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  • jdl

    I can't understand Anderson, he does almost nothing with TNA. He falls victim to their "Oh, right, we've got Anderson. Should we put him on this week?" "Nah, we'll use him next week, brother." *three months pass* "Alright, dudes, let's put Anderson on and give him a title shot, brother." "But he hasn't been seen in three months." "It's alright, man, no one will notice, dudes."

    • Joe O.

      Is it wrong for me to have read this and use Hogan’s voice for his parts in my head? Lol I can definitely hear him say something like that!

  • _JIM_

    Lol. I like Anderson’s version of history here. To clarify for Mr Anderson when asked why he decided on TNA his answer should’ve been “where else was I supposed to go?” Once WWE canned him he really had no other choice if he still wanted to be wrestling in America for a company with any kind of exposure. Its not like the list of American wrestling companies with TV shows is a long one.