Ken Shamrock Incapacitates Woman During Mall Skirmish

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Former WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock was involved in a skirmish at a mall in Modesto, California last month. TMZ is reporting Shamrock saw two women fighting each other in front of the Coach store and jumped in to try and pry the women apart.

When one of the bystanders jumped on Shamrock's back, he allegedly threw the person off his back and followed up with a "move that knocked the attacker to the ground."

According to TMZ's report, once the attacker was incapacitated, Shamrock realized they were in fact female and immediately backed off. A battery report was taken against Shamrock, noting a slight abrasion to the woman's knee.

It's not believed Shamrock will be prosecuted for the incident.

  • Matt

    Oh no, not a scraped knee!!

  • just a fan

    no reason to press charges on him… he tried to break up a fight and was attacked… he defended himself

  • Doofus

    He got in the zone!!!

  • Dufus

    Ken Shamrock did nothing wrong. Ken was the one who was attacked and once he found out the attacker was female he backed off.

  • Did she tap out?

    • GetTheFBack

      That’s a ridiculous thing to say… Of course she tapped out!

  • havoc525

    Let’s see, a trained, professional fighter, who’s trained military personnel to fight? Yeah, I’d jump on his back and expect NOT to get knocked out.

  • Ken

    This is what happens when you try to help people, especially when it's none of your business, like this wasn't Ken's. No good deed ever goes unpunished. Sad, perhaps, but true.

  • Austin

    I thought the article said that he decapitated someone. As in knocked her head off!!!!

  • PFElton

    The man was trying to do the right thing and seperate an incident before someone got seriously hurt. If the damn woman didn't want a booboo she shouldn't have jumped on his back – she was probably trying to claw out his eyes anyway.

  • Matt

    Probably the poor, innocent woman is suffering from nightmares right now. She cannot go to work anymore and her knee is in unbelievable pain… So Shamrock better pay a lotta money, lol.

  • George

    Normally I don't condone men harming women, but that woman only has herself to blame for her bruises for jumping on Shamrock's back.

    • Luke


  • tyjr21

    Maybe they should have called him for the Jon Jones fight!

  • No Jones would’ve scared to fight Ken Just like he was scared to fight Sonnen

  • Btb

    Ken got lucky, that could have easily been a knife into his back. People are crazy.