Kenneth Cameron Arrested; Likely Released From WWE Developmental

WWE developmental worker Thomas Latimer (a/k/a Kenneth Cameron) was arrested on Thanksgiving in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication. He was released from jail on $5100 bond. Below are the arrest details:


Cameron was known for being a member of the popular tag team The Ascension in FCW/NXT, however, has apparently been let go as his profile has been removed from the official WWE developmental website. You can still view his profile through its original link.

  • Daniel

    Good, getting drunk wouldn't have been an issue. Hitting a cop… no thank you wish you the best of luck.

  • dusty588

    One of my favourite parts of NXT was The Ascension. A great tag team, dark, unique gimmick. Wonder if they will replace him with someone else to team with Conor O' Brian?

    • Ken

      Likewise. I loved their gimmick and I thought they had a lot of potential. Hopefully Cameron will somehow have a stroke of luck and not get his ass fired.

    • PainOfDemise

      Same here. They were one of the best parts of NXT for me and I had high hopes of them getting the call up and keeping the tag team division going the way it is. This sucks.

  • George Waldman

    I can just see Ryback grabbing both sides of his head, yelling, "STUPID!", and then shoving him down to the mat.

  • Miles

    Ascension was a good gimmick, wrong wrestlers

    • Patrick Peralta

      Wrong the Ascension was a great team and right wrestlers for the team.

  • Brentos22

    Hope this doesn’t ruin it for O’Brian, the Acension and Bray Wyatt are the reason I watch NXT!

  • Lin

    I hope this doesn't mean the end of the Ascension.

  • That's terrible. What a talent, right down the drain.

  • the arbiter

    Dammit, I quite liked ascension. I thought the gimmick was old school. Stupid stupid Kenneth cameron

  • thesedays_99

    Man Kenneth Cameron was the best of NXT. He was brutal.