Kenny King In TNA, Jeff Hardy EP, Unidentified Aces & 8's Member, Lockdown Seating

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- Kenny King has officially been added to the roster page on the official TNA website.

- TNA has released a 9 track EP for Jeff Hardy called "Similar Creatures." The price is only $6.99 and can be previewed/bought at this link.

- To follow-up on an earlier report, the unidentified independent worker that teamed with Mike Knox at TNA Final Resolution was CJ O'Doyle. O'Doyle is an indy worker that doesn't have a full-time TNA contract.

- Below is the seating chart for TNA Lockdown 2013:

  • PainOfDemise

    So are they just using random people for Aces & 8's until they actually want to unmask them and then they will pick a worker for them?

  • mjledesma

    What a waste. I doubt they will sell that out.

  • William Shatner

    How is it possible for TNA to rent a place that big, use so little of it, and make a profit?
    Am I mising some key economic factor here?
    Surely it would make sense to rent somewhere smaller, somewhere presumably cheaper, than it is to rent this place, wherever it is?


    Waste of arena, just go to a local city park with ten seats

  • Aren’t you guys happy TNA is finally moving the show out of Orlando? No, of course not. You trolls complain about everything.

    • whatever

      I agree with you but WTF ? That stadiums far too big

    • Robert

      People are complaining because they can’t fill Orlando or pull in ratings to justify using a bigger arena for ppv or house shows.

    • William Shatner

      My post was't a troll, Lee. It was a serious question.
      I am happy that TNA are moving out of Orlando. The business as a whole needs a strong competitor to the WWE. TNA will never be a rival at the level that WCW used to be, but if they do things right then they can be a strong second-tier alternative.
      To accomplish that they NEED to tour nationwide with a heavy schedule and they NEED to run live weekly shows instead of taping and they NEED to quit offering relaxed part-time contracts to talent who don't want the grind of the tour and they NEED to be more decisive and economic with their spending.
      I want that to happen. I like TNA and want it to succeed for the sake of TNA and its talent, who deserve as much success as they can get, and for the sake of the business as a strong competitor will give Vince the kick up the backside that he needs to improve his own product. A strong WWE means a strong business which means more room for TNA's potential expansion which means a stronger business which means stronger competition which means Vince improves which means…
      You see where I'm going there?
      I'm not trolling TNA. I just don't see how they can succeed when they pull daft stunts like renting a huge arena and using a third of it when there must be smaller arenas in the same area that they could sell out and save money doing so.

  • ted

    tna does not make a profit from running a stadium and arranging it to seat 4,000 fans half of which will get in free just to see HAS BEEN HOGAN and middle aged sting take on the nwo ripoff group of wwe rejects.

  • Christopher K.

    why is everyone entering wrestling nowadays simply a wannabee wrestler..CJ O’Doyle isnt any good….wrestling storylines with wannabees are getting rediculous.Bring in some people with actual talent TNA…your much better than WWE!

  • Travis Phelps

    Apparently Hogan doesn’t know best