Kenny Omega Becomes First-Ever IWGP US Champion

On the second leg of the two-day tour of New Japan in the US tonight, Kenny Omega was able to withstand both Jay Lethal and Tomohiro Ishii en route to becoming the first-ever IWGP US Champion. After the bout, Omega commented:

“New Japan is a great promotion. We’ve got a lot of great wrestlers, but not all of the best wrestlers are here. I’m scouting the entire planet. We have to make this mean something. This won’t be a failure like the NEVER belt. This won’t be a failure like the [Intercontinental Championship] was originally. Remember how bad that was? I do. This belt is going to be strong. It’s going to be something you look forward to seeing. The scouting starts now. I am going to scour the planet, and you are going to see legendary defenses.”

Omega then capped things off by heading to the in-N Out Burger with the Bullet Club in tow.

You can watch his post-match comments below as well:


  • live1213

    Take note GFW they will become second best wrestling in America there 1st move an American title plus right now they have top 3 hottest going wrestlers on the world Okida, Omega, cody GFW u have 4 and 5 with Alberto and Lashley it’s just WWE has 6 to forever. Need and American title.

    • Gregrey Pashby

      I sincerely hope you’re not suggesting that Alberto and Lashley are higher on the totem pole than the likes of Cena/Reigns/Styles/Strowman/Rollins/etc.

      • live1213

        Alberto is a higher and better seasonal wrestler than all of them and with Lashley the game steps up it’s just because the WEE got more top wrestlers they can mix and match the game better and our wrestling style Okida, Omega, and AJ style maybe the best 3.