KENTA Headed To WWE After Pro Wrestling NOAH Departure Announced?

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KENTA is leaving Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan with his final appearance scheduled for May 17, 2014.

The announcement, which was made Wednesday in Japan, will lead to immediate speculation he could be WWE bound. For those that do not remember, KENTA spent time at the WWE Performance Center in January. We reported at the time that Triple H paid extra attention to him and was impressed with his skills. However, he wasn't 100% on board with KENTA after getting burned by Mistico (the original Sin Cara). We also heard it was Daniel Bryan that put in a good word for him.

KENTA documented his experience in a blog we carried at this link.

  • Malboja

    I would love to see Kenta in on raw but I’m worried that wwe would mess around and give him a gimmick that just wouldn’t work :/

    • BIG M

      I’m with you.
      Japanese workers never get a fair go WWE.
      Which is amazing to me considering how crazy good Japanese pro wrestling really is.

      • Look at Sanada in TNA. Utilized so perfectly and showcasing the Japanese style to American audiences.

        • BIG M

          Because TNA even with all it’s faults respect other styles of Pro Wrestling.
          WWE doesn’t.
          I’m not criticizing them for it just stating a fact.

          • No, it’s absolutely fact. It’s sad. TNA is utilizing Mexican and Japanese talent now. WWE is starting to let Brits in and take charge, but I feel they’re missing out on a lot.

          • BIG M

            Personally I’d love to see a few Aussies in WWE and TNA.
            Theirs actually a couple of Aussie workers in Japan at the minute like Shane Haste and Mickey Nichols who could tear up the E.

          • We have Emma, lol.

  • BIG M

    Wonder if He’ll use the GTS.